Stands for GodAwful Fanfic Forums. A place where bad fanfic gets its ass-kicked for cheap laughs and quick mental stimulation.
"I love GAFF!" reported one fan of this Mafiaosi type of fanfic site.
by Simple Plan Sucks June 18, 2005
1. A mistake
2. Place of abode
1. "Anyway, he just tells his mum he just tripped up while his pants were round his ankles and just happened to fall on to the dog with his erect penis."

"What a gaff!"

2. "What you doin' you dirty little smack-head, comin' in my gaff, tootin' your gear? I'm gunna bust you up."
by The Strut October 01, 2004
A tobacco cigarette, usually of the roll-up variety.

An abbreviation of "gaffer".
You coming out for a gaff?
by The Greek 88 October 28, 2010
Gaff was originally tokened (amongst other countries with other meanings) in Newcastle Australia in the late 70's to mean "ignore".
Way to gaff me off back there mate. (translation: Thanks for ignoring me back there, friend.)
by slipdipidis April 09, 2014
To get caught up in or by something unexpectedly with negative results. Based on the hook used to drag a large fish onto a boat.
Admiral Krag was the king of internet latinas until he got gaffed by a cease and desist letter.
by nexusix February 02, 2009
a long pole usually made out of bamboo or aluminum with a hook on the end. it is stuck into large fishes in order to bring them onto a fishing boat.
he gaffed the tuna in the head.

i need a gaff here.
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