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The Gaelic Mother Language of Ireland. Banned by English law when Ireland was under immoral English jurisdiction, the language slowly went into decline, being replaced by the forced, foreign language 'English'. Roughly 200,000 Irish people claim to be able to speak Gaeilge, but the fluency figure is most likely lower. England is to blame for the near extinction of our ancient and poetic language.
Is breá liom an Ghaeilge mar is í mo theanga. (I love Irish because it is my language.)
by Dáithí Ó Laigheanáin October 06, 2004
The Irish for the Irish language.
A beautiful, poetic language which was close to extiction but is currently being dragged back by a T.V presenter (Hector O hEochagain) on tg4.
Tá mé ag caint as Gaeilge nuair a tá mé ar an meisce
by Sn0 July 06, 2006

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