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Boatbuilding Java-coding Spaniard living in Scotland.
Don't you go to school with Gades? Yes, he got in my car uninvited!
by Anonymous March 07, 2003
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When you feel you were killed in an FPS unfairly. A nade has been thrown and you were killed, where as the thrower is five feet away, and doesn't even recieve a scratch.
OMFG, Gade! That freakin' nade whore!
by Kail October 10, 2005
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When a corporate tiger gets a fade haircut, the forces within mother nature cannot contain such a movement and thus it is reclassified. The salary figures of the corporate tiger should exceed 11 figures. He could also at times miss important appointments (eg. The Accounting Olympiad) to attend seminars and conferences within the upper class of society. Oh he should also carry an iPhone at all times, if not corporate tiger membership is revoked.
"Wow look at that corporate tiger, he got a fa- GADE"

"Ow he got a GADE"
by Petrus1996 November 22, 2014
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