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a nickname for someone that does meth. from the word "gacked"
hey gacky, are you gacked ouy today?
by S. 22nd street October 18, 2006
2 3
nasty, horrible, disgusting
urgh, i had to open the window, cuz the car smelt gacky as fuck
by mikepacker88 October 14, 2007
5 1
something that makes you gack, often yucky
the food was gacky.
by Pookett May 18, 2007
4 0
uncoordinated, unco, sloppy, as in when running.

also used to describe something that is gack-like, gooey, sloppy.
hey man, i suck at running. i'm so gacky.

ew that's gacky!
by mez05 September 19, 2006
4 7