An extremely popular Japanese Singer. He became popular with the band Malice Mizer, but eventually started a solo career. He can speak a plethora of languages, including Chinese, English, French and his native tounge. His style often changes, but he usually wears blue contacts.
He was once married to a Korean woman, but it ended badly and he is not enthusiastic to marry again- also because he was quoted that "dating" was a favorite pastime. He almost drowned as a child, and experienced trauma with the paranormal (hearing spirits), and therefore does not want to have any children of his own. He is also an experienced martial artist and his body fat percentage ranges from a mere 6%-8%.
Due to Gackt's sex appeal his fans mainly consist of women(though there are also rumors he is homosexual-which were never adressed by Gackt himself.). He has produced many different genres of music-rock, pop, ballad, ect-which appeal to all genders and all ages, all over the world. He has also appeared in movies, the latest being the sucessful Moonchild.
"Did you hear about Gackt's new album, Black Stone?"

"AAAAAHHHH! Gackuto-san!! Aishiteru!!"

"Gackt should tour in the U.S."
by SwtMsT June 01, 2005
The worst insult someone may get. It's a combination of every single bad words and insult in the world. If you are ever named a Gackt, better think about how your life is turning out and how you should end it.
"Omg you're so Gackt"

"Geez you sound just like Gackt, but worst"

"you Gackt"
by random432 June 12, 2008
A J-rock drama queen diva that is not as talented as people say he is, and is using money to get into video games to spread his evil legacy. He is sleeping with Tetsuya Nomura, the man responsible for Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts. He makes a cameo appearance in Dirge of Cerberus as an almost God-like character. Lame...
Stop gackting, and get a life.
by Lolita Doll May 07, 2006
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