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a really hott girl 1 of the most beautiful girls ive ever met.
i like you gabi gosherss
by justin March 06, 2005
Gabi is one of the most happy people i know. Shes blonde with blue eyes. She plays volleyball. But her passion is soccer. Girls hate her, but she never gave a fuck about them. She sleeps for a long time and fuckin' loves Food. Shes really hard to get, if you get her you are a lucky man! Often gets mistaken for a bitch but shes the nicest person you will ever met and if you get to know her you will love her. Shes a girl that will be your best Friend forever! I love her
by Isabellaa June 26, 2013
A very attractive girl. She can be a bitch sometimes but at the end you know you love her.
she plays volleyball. But her passion is soccer. She has the best boyfriend ever.

I don't think she's gonna change that.She loves to party, I think she's a vampire!

she sleeps for a long time and loves food. She's the jealous type of girl

because she cares. She has very good friends and loves to spend time with them. Although

she can trust many of the fake bitches that's why she picks carefully. She can also sometimes

be a 2 faced girl but she's never afraid to say it to someone's face! But that is my best friend GABI!
Jack : Who is that girl? she's a really good soccer player!
Jessy : That Is My Cousin Gabi!
Jack : She's Cute. I'm Going to talk to her.
Jessy : good Luck She Has A Bf!
by Blue_Bubbles June 21, 2013
gabi is one of the most amazing beautiful, outgoing, gorgeous, funny, happy people i know! Shes blonde with blue eyes and everyone loves her. She is so amazing and i wish i was her. Gabi is a fucking sex bomb and a great kisser, everyone wants to be with gabi.
Boy 1. Hey look theres gabi with that guy

Boy 2. Im so jealous, apparently shes a sex bomb

Boy 1. Yes she is, shes also beautiful

Boy 3. Gabi's mine i want her

Boy 1. Not if i get her first
by fellowgabilover January 19, 2012
Gabi is an amazing best friend. She is tough but awesome, and she is really pretty. She loves being unique and would make a great girlfriend. She looooooves photography. And she loves just doing spontaneous stuff.
Gabi is bae gabi booty bae
by Gabiisbae October 27, 2014
Djem's soulmate from 15 lives . Djem is daddy
Gabi is mnou cool.
by whatever404 February 28, 2016
Djem's soulmate from 15 lives. She has a daddy for 10 months ;-;
Gabi is mnou cool .
Sori motori , ama az sum gabi .
by whatever404 February 28, 2016
A smart girl who loves to fuck around but is unloyal to everyone she knows she loves to travel but rarely gets the chance on other words she's a little bit of a whore who gets around
Gabi is a skank
by Tlils August 14, 2014

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