Spike TV's sister that turns tricks for less then a buck.
I saw G4TV on the street corner lastnight
by Zanzar February 14, 2009
A TV channel for high school and college loners that like to get their battery charged with a little softcore porn and maybe some random anime thing or Ninja Warrior. The kid usually grows up to be an IT professional or video game designer, or works at McDonalds and goes on MySpace to get money by taking surveys. They are usually about 30 til they get married and never have kids.
Bob: I can't get Playboy TV
Bill: Check out G4TV...basically it has the same stuff
by Kyle 230 August 09, 2009
a Station that all about video games
by Jason M. October 06, 2003
The future of gaming television
"Did you check out G4TV last night! Tallarico had me rolling!"
by Erica November 13, 2003

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