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Crappiest motorcycle to come out of Spain.
Perfered motorcycle used predominately by people named Donny
A homosexual monkey
To be ripped off, cheated, or swindled
"Holy crap! Did you see Donny get GASGAS'd on that last turn?"

"What a fruit-loop! That guy is a real GASGAS"

"I went and bought a GASGAS 450....after not being able to start it, I realized WHY it's called GASGAS......I'm such a homosexual monkey for getting swindled that easy"
by Brokeback Baird November 01, 2007

Words related to g.a.s. [gas]

gas ass good great shit
Acronym for "good ass shit"; very good
Trust me baby, I wouldn't send it to you if it weren't some g.a.s. gas.
by Shiznito Bim Bam Snip Snap Nat March 24, 2006