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1) Stage name of a famous rapper, the clone of Mahatma Ghandi.
2) The place which is enlivened (i.e. 'rocked') by said rapper.
1) What's my name? G-Spot!
2) What do I rock? The G-Spot!
by Steve May 16, 2003
13 85
a spot said to exist in a female 2 inches in on the front/upper wall of the vagina......it isn't really there trust me i spent all night with my girlfriend lookin'
Erica-did u find it?
Jacob-if you want to find it so bad why do you get down here and look
by Jacob biffle July 08, 2005
31 104
the area within the vagina that no one can seem to find, CEPT FO ME!! BOOOYA!
i found the g-spot, ha ha ha ha ha ha
by G QUEEN February 12, 2004
33 106
Where black people go to hang out.
Awesome black guy #1: "You wanna go smoke some dope at da g-spot?!"
Awesome black guy #2: "Hellz yeah!"
by jaffers June 05, 2007
14 88
a good place to eat.
i'm hungry, lets go to the G-spot.
by jr_reign_supreme_over_everyone December 13, 2005
20 100
The bench infront of the general store in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada
All meet ch'ya at the G-spot
by Alex F November 20, 2003
16 99
n. The prostate gland in the male.

When massaged by urologist, proctologist, or sex partner, either by finger or penis, the gland releases a clear lubricant (precum) for sperm ejaculation. During the massage the receiver feels the same sensation as ejaculation though he only ejects lubricant, not sperm in itself.
Man, when I want my ass fucked, I want it done right by a ten inch dick that can massage my prostate.

The urologists in the CME2P clinic got a kick out of milking the old men's prostates.
by Richard Black April 24, 2005
30 114