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The Goal Spot

It's a state of Euphoria . It is a exaggerated physical and psychological state of well being . Most will experience this state with accomplishment of something that consumes and takes over both body & mind. It is an extreme high from the excitement of achieving a goal or observing others achieve theirs . Your G Spot is unique to you , as is , the climax of emotions you feel when reaching it .

Because Finding the G Spot .........Isn't that what it's all about ?
Kissing him for the first time , let's just say I found my G Spot !

The entire team achieved their G Spot in Game seven with just a one minute left on the clock.

Some call it Runners High , I call it the G Spot .

I finally lost the last 10 lbs ! I'm in my G Spot !

One day left before vacation , I'm on my way to my G Spot !
by Dollars & Sense April 19, 2011
Like unicorns and other mythical creatures it is legendary and mysterious. For the sake of popularity and social dominance some often claim to see these "legends" and at the same time in reality they exist only to render inspirational and imaginary thoughts :)
1) g-spot = unicorn

2) "Dude..last night i played with my girlfriends g-spot and made her orgasm".

"Yeah right!,and I rode a unicorn to the palace of the fairy queen".
by fat wyt guy May 29, 2009
Harder to find than Area 51
The g-spot is believed to be a myth
by The Nowhere Man April 28, 2008
A nickname for Gainesville, Georgia
Where do you live?

I live in the G-spot, baby!
by mhmmmmmmm May 25, 2007
A place my face can call home
I went to the gspot for a late night snack.
by Andy (G-Spot) May 02, 2005
A legendary spot that does not exist. If it did truly exist there would be signs posted, road maps, and GPS instructions.

Females use it as an excuse for not being pleased in bed.
She used the excuse that i couldn't find her G-Spot instead of admitting that she is bad in bed.
by marvin282 January 21, 2010
Something that feels as good as Brendon Drummey. When contact is made, its orgasmic for a girl!!
It felt as mind blowing as when you hit Brendon!!
by Roosevelt September 20, 2004