I'm a girl and the g-spot is definatley REAL, if u want to find it by fingering yourself u cant be a virgin, because its past ur hymen.
It feels so good once you find it!
oo baby, hit my g-spot for an easy orgasm
by Mechy July 02, 2006
Someones Gmail adress
What's your g-spot?

by Ovinor February 04, 2011
An erogenous zone referred to commonly as the G-spot is located at the anterior wall of the vagina, about five centimeters in from the entrance. Some women experience intense pleasure if the G-spot is stimulated appropriately during sexual activity. A G-Spot orgasm may be responsible for female ejaculation, leading some doctors and researchers to believe that G-spot pleasure comes from the Skene's glands, a female homologue of the prostate, rather than any particular spot on the vaginal wall. Some researchers deny the existence of the G-spot
I bought a book called "Finding your G-spot". The second I found it, I couldn't leave it alone.
by |Andrew| April 29, 2009
one that gleans immense pleasure from taking dick
That G-spot sure loves a good dick!
by yo_boi_candle November 09, 2008
Usually refers to a section of the inner wall of the interior of the female vagina that results in maximum sexual pleasure and sastisfaction when stimulated.

In non-technical language and conversational casual context usage terms, refers to anything dead-center, spot-on or right on target.

See also 'sweet spot'.
The salesman was talking in circles trying to get the customer to buy and then he realized he must have hit her in her G-Spot when he mentioned it
came in other colours besides black.
by Terrible Todd July 12, 2005
1.n.My faces favourite place =P
2.n.The Spot I rub in my girls pussy when Im thirsty!
3.n.A womans favorite vacation spot.
1.My tongue loves her Gspot
2.I rubbed her Gspot till she squirted in my mouth!
3.We visit her Gspot every nite just for fun!
by TokerX August 27, 2003
The Goal Spot

It's a state of Euphoria . It is a exaggerated physical and psychological state of well being . Most will experience this state with accomplishment of something that consumes and takes over both body & mind. It is an extreme high from the excitement of achieving a goal or observing others achieve theirs . Your G Spot is unique to you , as is , the climax of emotions you feel when reaching it .

Because Finding the G Spot .........Isn't that what it's all about ?
Kissing him for the first time , let's just say I found my G Spot !

The entire team achieved their G Spot in Game seven with just a one minute left on the clock.

Some call it Runners High , I call it the G Spot .

I finally lost the last 10 lbs ! I'm in my G Spot !

One day left before vacation , I'm on my way to my G Spot !
by Dollars & Sense April 19, 2011
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