In men, the prostate, which is only for the adventurous or gay male as it can only be tracked down a couple of inches inside the anus (though not ALL men can find theirs this way).

For the adventurous, here's how to (maybe) find it: Take a crap and cut your nails first (advisable), sit in the bath, lube your middle finger with some soap and insert it carefully into the anus about to the 2nd knuckle, then bend it and aim for the back of your dick. Its easier to find if your dick is erect at the time and feels like a small fleshy doughnut. Find the centre. Press. Stimulate it in a rythymic way and its possible to have an arse orgasm!
Dear Diary, today I found my G-spot, and now I can't get it out of my head that I might have to grow a moustache and learn to walk like Wilma.
by ..WiL May 18, 2005
The Object Inside Your Asshole Which Makes You Cum When Exposing It To Rubbing Or Poking!
My Girlfriend Wouldnt Get off me so I touched her G spot
by ip0wnnoobz January 02, 2010
The prediciment in which two people are playing a game of connect four and one player plays a piece in which the other player cannot place his piece in the same collum in fear of an automatic connect four.
Player 1: (Chuckle) That was a strategically placed piece.

Player 2: Rats, you have a G Spot on the board.
by caleb cox November 20, 2007
A courier driver who almost never late.
Where the fuck is that g spot? He should have been here by now.

You're no g spot.

by Tea Pot August 02, 2006
a bitchin ass store located in Langhorne...sells sweet skate/snow boarding ass guys work there...and its bright purple...'nuf said....
1)Sandy:"do you have a g-spot around here?"
Randy:"dude...u know im a dude right?"
Sandy:"no dude it's a store...god get your head out of the gutter man.

2)hardcore awesome store

3)not located in the vagina, but on business route 1 in PA.
by Renee January 03, 2005
A nickname for Garden Spot High School. Used when cheering for sports teams.
Yeah! Go G-Spot!
by janet April 25, 2004
A lovely patch of grass, situated just south of the village, next to the park. I used to walk my dog through there, until he died..
I had a picnic on the g spot.
by chazzo April 16, 2006

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