A shorthand reference to the Graffenberg Spot, supposedly located inside the anterior of the vagina, which if properly stimulated induces the expulsion of a large volume of fluid from the vagina at orgasm.
Although Kenny was happy that Kathy could reach G-spot orgasm so quickly, he secretly wished that she hadn't pissed the bed.
by Reginald Whattabone October 06, 2003
The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the outside or anterior wall. That is it – no mystery, no nothing – that is the G-spot. It is not like the lost city of Atlantis or some beautiful, secret area run by the CIA.

The G-spot feels like a ribbed “bump”, almost like the roof of your mouth. The G-spot swells from the size of a pea to the size of a bottle cap when stimulated.

To produce a G-gasm – a G-spot orgasm, versus a clit orgasm – you need direct stimulation of the G-spot with fingers, thumb, penis or dildo. The advantage of G-gasms is that most women are capable of dozens per session. After a clitoral orgasm, most ladies will poke you in the eye if you even look at her clit again. G-gasms are different.

A good guideline to remember will be to show the clit some mercy but to be merciless when it comes to the G-Spot! Within reason, most women will appreciate a harsher approach to the G-Spot. Beat a man’s fully engorged erect cock with a sledgehammer, and he’ll say, “ohhh … that feels great!”

Same with G-spot - she’ll be a puddle …. or a lake.
"Holy fuck … what the fuck? How did you do that?" Gloria asked, totally dazed after a dozen or so G-gasm.

"Doing a little G-spot whacking," I told her

by Bonnie June 21, 2006
the place in the zoo where the keep the giraffes
hey kids lets go get some dippin dots right next to the g spot
by 1624527856837 December 10, 2009
the "IT" spot for girls..if you get it ya got it.=]
you know when they hit the g spot.
by mel raslleh July 26, 2009
The Grafenburg Spot, aka the Good Spot/Sweet Spot. A particularly sensitive area of the vagina. Located in the anterior of the vagina, about an inch and a half in from the labia. This illusive spot produces wonderful sexual senasations for women. Often though, it plays second fiddle to the clitoris.
Oh my God-! That's it! You've hit the g-spot...! (moans with ecstacy)
by Sam January 23, 2005
every women's favorite spot. touch it. tickle it. play with it. and what what it can do
i thought i was doin it rite. but damn baby got crazy when i hit the G-Spot
by Morgan February 13, 2003
Some say the G-Spot is an area of high sensitivity located within the female prostate or is located further back along the urethra, closer to the bladder. The problem with any definition is the sensitivity of the G-Spot is unlikely to be constant. If a woman is not sexually aroused she may not have a G-Spot. If the same woman is highly aroused and her prostate gland is engorged with prostatic fluid she may have a very distinct G-Spot. There are perhaps women who are not aware of a G-Spot even though they ejaculate and experience a more intense orgasm when their prostate is stimulated. It is for these reasons that it is important for the reader not to form a concrete definition of what a G-Spot is. Each woman will create her own definition, one valid only for her.

The next question for debate concerns whether or not "all" women have a G-Spot or G-crest. This is not really a valid question, as the G-Spot indicates the "sensitivity" of a non-specific area of tissue. The "G-Crest" defines the swollen "condition" of the female prostate during sexual arousal. At present there are no anatomical structure clearly associated with the "G-Spot." This is in part why people have trouble finding it. What one needs to look for are the female prostate and urethra. All women have these and it is likely they all produce at least a small amount of prostatic fluid that seeps out and mixes with the other fluids that are present in much larger quantities.

How does one locate the female prostate? Quite simply, you locate the urethra, as the female prostate is located within the wall of the urethra. The urethral meatus, or orifice, is located directly above the vaginal opening, below the clitoris. You can see it with your bare eyes, though it can be hard to locate in some women. The urethra extends back from the urethral meatus into the body along the front or upper wall of the vagina for 1.5 to 2 inches (3.8 to 5 cm). While you can see the urethral orifice you cannot see the female prostate gland, though it may bulge visibly out into the vestibule and/or vagina.

Using a speculum you might be able to see the swollen prostate gland projecting into the vagina. The video How to Female Ejaculate and others shows this projection. Adventures individuals may want to slip a finger or two into their own or their partner's vagina while they urinate so they can feel the urine passing through the urethra. This will help you locate its exact position. Once you have located the urethra you have a basis for seeking out a possible area along it that is highly sensitive to stimulation, a G-Spot.

the-clitoris. com/f_html/ejacula.htm
Start out by getting her aroused with manual and/or oral clitoral stimulation. Continue the clitoral stimulation as you massage her prostate. Ask your partner if there is a specific spot or area that produces intense or enjoyable sensations when you massage it, her Gspot. As you sense her getting closer to orgasm apply a firmer touch, if she enjoys it. Maintain a constant and steady rhythm. Follow through, continue the massage up through her orgasm. Then switch to a very light caressing touch as she comes down from her orgasm.
by wommin October 01, 2008
This a girl speaking from experience. The g spot definitely exists. Its located about an inch or two inside your pussy. It feels spongy. When you or your partner want to stimulate it, stick your finger (or fingers) into your pussy and make a "come here" motion against it. You will have earth shattering orgasms if this is done right. Trust me. It feels so good. I could just sit around all day and just stimulate my g spot. My wet pussy makes this squishy noise that drives me crazy. Sometimes after an hour or so of fucking myself silly my fingers get tired and my pussy gets sore, so I have to take a break, but please believe Im right back at it again later!
Last night i stimulated my g spot for two and a half hours. I had so many orgasms i lost count. My covers were soaked with all of my juices. When i was done, i licked my fingers clean. Yum yum
by oshgosh November 14, 2010

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