4 those of u who dont know what it is or where its at or what to do ur in luck. the g-spot is probably 1 of the most sensative sexual organs in the females whitch is located about 3-4 inches in the clit whitch is round to touch and lize is about quarter to nicle in size, going in with only 1 fingure will not work as well so use your index and middle fingure. both fingures facing up and u will probably still not find it but yes it is located on the top so get it closer to yourself. to do that use yuor index fingure to press just on top on the inside whitch will move the g-spot a little closer to you. use ur middle finger to get befind the g-spot not moving your index fingure yet, then once u got the g-spot in your grasp get ur index fingure also behind it (that is if you can reach it if u cant then use your middle fingure) then press on it as hard as you can buy now she will be screaming... no not in pain u jackass in pleasure -_-... your lucky woman will love u more and more knowing that u know how to please her. she will have about 5-30 orgasms depending on how well youve done your work. still theres a lot more to know then just that. heres the second way to do it. 1st make shure your woman is verry turned on and ready for you then (heres a neat trick to make a woman feel like youre fucking her in the ass without the pain) turn ur fingures around 180 degrees and start rubbing and pressing lightly on the skin and she will go nuts. after about 3 min of that shell want more so start moving both the fingures up and down rapidly hitting the g-spot and her other pleasure point after about 20-30 min of working her she will be soaking wet and barrely be able to move... this means its your time to do w.e. the hell you want!!!
my gf: "..."
me: "whats wrong had too much of me playing with your g-spot and now u cant even talk?"
my gf: "(with a half dead and happy voice)yeah..."
AIM - knives 0ner
by jack the reaper August 31, 2005
a part of the body on the inside of a womans vagina.when touched is very sensitive
oh man i was tickling her g-spot like hell yesterday
by screwu3 September 10, 2006
1- oh yes, big papa that's the spot
2- instant waterfall
3- Gian
you know that's the spot- so put me in any position, pull my hair and hit it hard!
by D March 19, 2003
The dot of the question mark in Canaday Hall, otherwise known as "G Entryway." Rivaled only in eroticism by Mather Lather, this Harvard hangout is certainly the place to be inside of.
Hey, wanna come into the G-Spot?

Um... I think I just did, but give me 15 minutes and I'll certainly come again!
by meacolumba August 09, 2011
A very rare and mystical thing that is found in The real of Narnia. Few Mortal men have ever found it.

*NOTE: Ask Mr Tumness to help you find it, he knows the way to it's nesting place*
"I've been raking through wardrobes for months trying to get to Narnia to find the g-spot"
by Mr Tumness May 29, 2013
The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vagina on the outside or anterior wall. It is no doubt very hard to find without using your eyes or some sort of a flashlight -- Good luck doing that without being slapped in the face

But anyways, it's commonly preferred to be hit by the Cock within about 15 minutes of probing, stabbing, and swaying. (If you have good aim).

And, if hit at orgasm, will produce a fluid that is (To this day) uncontrollable unless the female is some sort of a Feminine version of Chuck Norris.
Girl: "Hit my G-Spot"

DesertedChrome: "I'll try"
by ArtificialPenguins February 25, 2012
While there has been extensive research done on the G-Spot, no conclusive results exist showing that a particular area in the same place in all vaginas is the most sensitive to sexual stimulation. This information was given by my medical school professor during a lecuture about the vagina.
After a long period of thrusting, she was pissed that her boyfriend missed the G spot.
by corpus cavernosum June 09, 2009
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