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The kid who always thinks he's good at something but everyone else knows isn't good and goes along with it becasue they feel bad for him.
This GMONEY at the game today sucked. He talked trash all week and come gametime, he dropped the ball numerous times.
by rugger11 April 12, 2009
pertaining to gas money.
"Hey can you give me a ride?"
"Yea but hit me up with some G-money"
by Rocky777 January 13, 2007
my main nigga; best friend
yo wass good g-money
by clipsebirdman09 March 29, 2005
bill cosby
what up g-money
by BillCosby May 03, 2004
Unformal reference to a person.
What-up, G-money?
by person yo-yo June 30, 2003
1. A Japanese pilot seen unworthy for self-sacrifice, see also Kazmikaze.

2. A fetus too large and undeveloped for the womb, a fetal error.
1. GM went on a Kazmikaze mission to save his country.

2. Whoa, thats a nasty fetal error.
by John Doyle April 14, 2003
Someone who is a pure idiot, pretends to be a g but is really a flop. Someone who has a huge lip and is butters.
''your as butters and rank as gmoney...look at the size of gmoney's lip'
by toxic_disenchanted_reprobate August 07, 2009