pertaining to gas money.
"Hey can you give me a ride?"
"Yea but hit me up with some G-money"
by Rocky777 January 13, 2007
G-money has entered in as a popular nick name amongst want-to-be gansters. It showed up in the 80s amongst their version of hip-hop music/rap and became more popular in the 90s by older want-to-be gangsters. It should be noted that the older want-to-be gangsters wanted the world to think old was cool again, so they also invented old skool. So, finally some cats started calling themselves G-money. When someone starts using a slang word as their nickname, its a sign that they are retarded.

It shows how retarded they are because they don't even know the real meaning of the word. Someone might come here and tell you that g-money stems from gun money - the money paid to a hired thug who is proficient with small firearms. In fact, g-money originates from the term 'good money', which is a term used by White, Angelo-Saxon Protestants (sometimes called wasps). Good money is redneck slang for a lucrative deal, to make a good amount of money for doing the least amount of work that they possibly can. This is a term that originated on the plantation, a way for white plantation owners to talk about slavery without using such a negative word.

Any American of African decent that willfully goes by the term G-money is in fact promoting slavery, an Uncle Tom if you will.
Past: Well, Cletus Williams, purchasing them negros sure is some good money come your way.

Present: Yo, g-money, you is the shizznit.
Translation: Hey, good money, you're making the Man a lot of money.
by Freddy Two Tone February 17, 2006
my main nigga; best friend
yo wass good g-money
by clipsebirdman09 March 29, 2005
Someone who is a pure idiot, pretends to be a g but is really a flop. Someone who has a huge lip and is butters.
''your as butters and rank as gmoney...look at the size of gmoney's lip'
by toxic_disenchanted_reprobate August 07, 2009
bill cosby
what up g-money
by BillCosby May 03, 2004
Unformal reference to a person.
What-up, G-money?
by person yo-yo June 30, 2003
1. A Japanese pilot seen unworthy for self-sacrifice, see also Kazmikaze.

2. A fetus too large and undeveloped for the womb, a fetal error.
1. GM went on a Kazmikaze mission to save his country.

2. Whoa, thats a nasty fetal error.
by John Doyle April 14, 2003

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