Unformal reference to a person.
What-up, G-money?
by person yo-yo June 30, 2003
Top Definition
a term used to refer to a gangsta
What up g money
by Nick D February 13, 2003
A prefix given to a person who is held in extremely high regard. They are a g and they are money.
Yo! Check out g money Mike. He just bumped out of an Escalade with two nubian queens.
#g #gangsta #money #pimp #sir
by Matty2ta August 15, 2006
n. this is the alter ego of graham baum. g-money is often seen sporting iced out chains and often refers to himself in third person. he has excellent pimping skills with the ladies. he wheres fury hats and cromed out teeth (like flava flav)
g-money says ,"hello ladies, its g-money. y'all wanna hop in my ride?"
by MP October 25, 2004
A G that makes money, or has money.
Look at GMoney workin the corner down there.
by Citystars213 December 15, 2004
A short gangster that has many "hoes"; very strong; if you mess with him/her, you'll get beaten; very funny; most "G-Money" are Korean.
Look at G-Money, he owns K.O.G.
#cool #funny #gangster #kog #korean #strong #anger #issues
by i <3 Gmoney July 08, 2009
The self-given name of the shady french/swiss individual who goes by the single name 'Manon' (similar to McLovin). Manon claims to not have a second name, and instead refers to herself as 'Manon G-Money'.
"I do have a 2name, it is G-Money" - Manon
#manon #g-money #france #french #kinz
by Naryn. July 12, 2008
The kid who always thinks he's good at something but everyone else knows isn't good and goes along with it becasue they feel bad for him.
This GMONEY at the game today sucked. He talked trash all week and come gametime, he dropped the ball numerous times.
#cocky #egocentric #self-centered #non-evasive #slow
by rugger11 April 12, 2009
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