internet acronym for "Fuck Yeah!"

(people often mistaken the "!" as an inverted "i" expecting it to be FYI or "for your information")
Dana : Seen that movie?
Ray : FY!
Dana : IKR?
Ray: :-)
by Andrei "CodeCalibre" January 21, 2011
Top Definition
Short for fuck yeah.
"School is over forever!'
"FY, man!"
by the_grad June 07, 2005
Short for "f**k you"
- Oops! Did I break it??
- FY, man!!
by Sam Star November 28, 2004
Fuck Yeah!
Person 1: I ran over a deer with my bike. FY!
by ♥k a t i e♥ September 11, 2011
Swedish word meaning the same as "Fie!" in obsolete English. Like saying, "Shame on you!"
A Swedish mother will reprimand her naughty child by shaking her index finger at the child saying "Fy, fy, fy!"
by toddabearsf July 21, 2008
Used as a map prefix in Counter-Strike which means "fight yard." The most fun maps of them all.
n00b1: omg, letz play the map fy_poolday!
n00b2: omg thatmap is liek da uber leet pwnz0rz!!1111oneoneoneoneonelevenelevenelevenelevenonehundredandeleven
by KunzileUD July 01, 2005
(in food)delicious tasting
elewhise good or great
That pizza wuz fy.business.
Dag g yo shirt fy.
by e.3 February 25, 2004

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