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To move or pass at high speed. Can be used for a physical object ("She fwooshed past me on her bike.") or a concept ("The point of the lecture fwooshed right past me.") Often used as a sound effect for passing at high speed. Related to whoosh.
I tried to catch the bee, but it went "Fwoosh!" right past my head and out the window.
by Stephanie M. October 25, 2003
14 9
The messing up of one's hair.
Logan fwooshed Ashley.
by ashleynicole719 January 30, 2011
2 5
A random word which emphasizes one's boredom.
<i>"...Fwoosh...," the girl said, breaking the awkward silence.

"Shut up, we're all bored."
by Addiy March 28, 2003
5 18