A new piece of 1337 derived from the combination of fucking and pwn, thus to 'fwn' is to fucking pwn, or pwn to a very high standard.
I pwn you, n00b.
Yeah? Well I fwn you, har har, I am teh 1337z0rs.
by John Kilday August 30, 2003
Top Definition
in either internet shorthand or text, fwn can be a shortened version of the word "phone," by taking the "ph" sound of phone and subbing it with a "f," and then taking "own" sound from the term "pwn," and combining it with the "f"
Phone = fone
own = pwn = -wn
f-one + wn = fwn
fwn and phone are pronouced the same way.
omgz i luv my nu fwn! :)
by Dark. March 01, 2008
abbreviation for "fucking owns"
Meaning: Total domination or ownage.

Also see fwned.
Urbandictionary.com fwns!
by Bobby October 20, 2003
to flipping own

Similar to pwn except a substitute when pwn is too commonly used
Dude, I fwn that class with my three A pluses.

Did you get 50 kills in 20 minutes, did you fwn all?
by Jew Bagel January 09, 2006
To fail-pwn.
More specifically, to try to pwn someone, and just plain fail.
Person 1: Dude, I went into this chatbox, and a coupla nine-year-olds totally tried to fwn me!

Person 2: Man, that's rough..
by Charley Race December 20, 2010
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