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n. A response a person makes after they have been handed a cookie, sweet, or some sort of good news or item. Fwee is usually followed by one running into a wall.
"Can I have a cookie?"
"Okay..." -gives cookie-
"Fwee!!" -runs into wall-
by Kiesi91 January 23, 2005
1: A word used to describe something entertaining, pleasing, enjoyable, inevitable, invulnerable, immortal, amusing, diverse, complex, and anything else that leaves a happy effect on one's face. 2: A substitute for the word yay. 3: A word that does not describe anything in particular, but rather just used to talk jibberish.
by Darlyn October 06, 2003
The sound a magic carpet makes.
"FWEE!" said the magic carpet.
by ThisIsMitchellM January 23, 2011
Fwee, used with excessive E's, usually used when you get a good powerup or item in an online game.

Sometimes used just by itself just to say i'm having fun.
Fweeeee!! I just got red's flag!
Fweeeee!! I hust got a laser powerup!
by Suicidal Lemming July 26, 2003
In short, everything!
Look! It's a fee, it's a fwee...No! It's Super Fwee!
by Phroe July 11, 2003
verb. explosive removal of clothing, usually in response to a change of venue.
Monkey fwees as soon as he gets home from work.
by The Original Sexy Monkey November 04, 2005
See skwee
<Aiek> y0.
<lam3r_h0> fwee! Sup Aiek?!
by Aiek April 01, 2003