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interjection; showing ecstatic emotion
I just beat Super Mario...FWAH!
by sarah February 20, 2004
Fwah, also spelled "F'wah," is a cosmic sound made by the Universe. Sort of like, "Om," but less dignified. It can also be used as a sort of enthusiastic greeting, usually immediately following the person's name. Also known as an emotion of impending disaster.
"Galactus! F'wah!"
"This cosmic notion fills me with a great sense of fwah."

(common occurances of F'wah: telephones, random radio gibberish, and anything in the immediate vicinity of Roseanne Barr.)
by R. Todd Pack June 14, 2006
random spurt of craziness
Jeff responded to the teacher, "FWAH!!!!!!!!"
by byg September 18, 2003
to ninja chop another person
mostly used in IM conversations.
can be played as a game by "fwah"-ing the other person once an hour and seeing who gets the most frustrated.
also see Hiyah
User 1: FWAH
User 2: aw dang!
User 1: haha, I fwah'd you!
-imaginary fight ensues-
by bella_muerte715 October 28, 2007
The expulsion of air made by any member of the arts industry, sometimes referred to as a 'gafaw'. Sound can usually be heard at the same time as Quaffing Champagne (Usually Free) at Gallery events.
Why I do believe that this painting would look super in the office Isabella! fwah fwah fwah!
by Bradley Clark April 10, 2007
the sound a giraffe makes
The giraffes at the zoo say, "Fwah!"
by Lisa November 17, 2003
Got food poisoning from eating a coney dog from Sonic and then later found fwah running down my leg....
by The Ghost August 02, 2003
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