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Speaking in 31337, to fuck over, fuck up, break something, etc.
Man, I fuxored your computer, you're screwed. Better wipe that porno before you send it for repairs.
by Heywood April 17, 2003
An expletive.
Another way of saying "F**K"
Synonymous with fuk and fux.
Aw fUx0r, I got shotzor'd in my nutzorz...
by Guy with definitions October 17, 2003
A term used when you have messed up, or fucked up, mulitple times.
Merium, you are vert pretty
by MirrorImage July 08, 2005
Exclamation indicating disgust, frustration, anger, or fear. Also spelled fux0r.
FUXOR! That chick just pwnd me at CS.
by man1ed September 25, 2003
A medevial war figure who was said to royally screw his enemies.
Fuxor was the mighty fuxinator,and when he came to your kindom, you knew your army was doomed to be fuked up.
by Velkyn Streea May 14, 2004
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