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a) doing something regardless of consequence

ex. furtado - I couldnt eat another bite. I`ll explode!

waiter - complimentary dessert?

furtado- Yes !
b) fighting for justice ( intellectually usually )

ex. bully- Gimme your lunch money

boy- But, but...

( enter stage right furtado )

furtado- hey! You leave that kid alone!

bully- beat it, this has nothing to do with you.

furtado- no..

* the part after this usually turns out well, but sometimes......... it doesn't*

c) Doing it your way!

ex. hike leader - ok lets go this way and head back to the camp.

furtado - This way looks cooler, and I`m taking this big stick for fun!
by krawfish August 01, 2011
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