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A person who enjoys dressing up in costumes made to mimic anthropomorphic subjects. (See Furry for a definition of Anthropomorphism)

Not all Fursuiters have fursuit fetishes and partake of Fursuitsex.
by Ashtar the Fox March 22, 2003
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A clown who performs in an animal costume instead of make-up and silly clothes.
The kids all laughed at the fursuiter's antics at the charity walk.
by Coyoty January 16, 2008
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A poster on the GameFAQs website who specializes in highly involved yet tragically inept trolling to gain attention, particularly on Fighting Game related subjects. Also happens to self-produce a series of video games-related clips on YouTube in an attempt to escape his clearly sad and abrasive personality. Relies on frequent and usually incorrect use of the word "fanboy" to keep his self-esteem intact when confronted by those who are aware of his own severe bias and general ineptitude. However, he strangely will not resort to this "fanboy" stamp when faced with intelligent or articulate criticism, and instead chooses to ignore such input.

Relies heavily on a depraved illusion of social acceptance to make it through each day, and is known to commonly associate with similarly misguided yet self-assured individuals. Avoids treadmills, his mortal enemy, and other forms of exercise at all costs. Approach with extreme care and do not prod it with overly intelligent or justified comments, as this may confuse and enrage it.
"Hey, what's this youtube link?" "Oh, it's Fursuiter, I won't waste my time."
by Jaunty Crow March 04, 2009
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