Furry is the commonly-accepted name of a branch of the Science Fiction Fandom focusing on animals with humanlike characteristics, or anthropomorphic animals with abilities to do things like walk and talk.

Sometimes conventions are held for people in the fandom to go meet each other. While some of them like to wear animal-related accessories (like fake ears and tails) and others make elaborate costumes to look like there ideal furry character, this is by no means a requirement.

There are a lot of furry artists and writers as well, who draw and write about anthropomorphic animals.
Are you going to the furry convention next month?

I like to collect furry art.
by More Furry Than Furry December 22, 2004
A specific type of, sometimes rather zealous, fan of animals and the like. Furries tend to enjoy dressing up as and/or acting like animals, as well as attending furry conventions, though many simply partake in "furry art" (art typically involving anthropomorphized animals) or other, lesser, forms of being a furry.

Due to a loud minority, many Furries have ecently been stereotyped as being "perverted," or "overly sexual" when going about their business. However, this is a blatantly false belief, as there is an extremely low percentage of Furries that do so, just as there are some non-Furry people in everyday life that do so.

Being a Furry is clearly not something to be afraid or ashamed of despite adversity. Most Furries are amicable and otherwise "normal" people, as can be seen from attending a convention or two (this is not to say that Furries are "abnormal." I am merely trying to get a point across). Any stereotyping, hating, or flaming should be avoided when dealing with Furries, as there exists a fairly strong Furry pride (avoiding these things tends to be a pretty good idea in general).
It's too bad that Furries are so disliked by those that do not understand them, as they are just "normal" people with a unique hobby.

Any Furries that treat their Furry-ness as an obsessive or perverted way of life should not be considered to represent the majority.
by The Goodwill Ambassador February 17, 2010
Noun: Furry

Furry include basically humanoid-formed creatures with animal faces, fur/scale/feathers/whatever, and often appropriate tails, wings, claws, etc., able to speak, and with a human-like personality, though quite often with "quirks" hinting at the real-life animal upon which the character is based.

There are furries all around from the world, for example: Asia,Europe,USA,Canada people some time meet up at conventions.
The majority of people in furry fandom are either Bi or Gay but you also do get Straight and Male or Female people in the furdom as well

As in most (sub)cults theres a darkside which involes sex, people who fetish with animals, but not everybody is like this.
The furdom ranges differntly from person to person it can be just people who like drawing animals or anthropomorphic animals (Animals with human features, such a human with cat ears) or a person who likes to dress up in there fursona fursuiter or just likes to act as there favorite animal

Normally people who are furries have a fursona, some don't, some have more then one its up to the person. People may also wear tailes/fursuits/fur heads/paws either around the house, or out in public or not at all its up to the person.

Furry does not revolve around sex, not everyone wants to go and yiff another furry, this is where its mostly confused with them thinking all people like having sex with people who are furry, you belive that your wrong.

The age can range from a person young as 13, to up to the age of 60, as I said above not all people want to have sex with the animal/furry
Person1: Hey, you want to go out into town on saturday?
Person2: Sure can I bring my tail?
Person1: Go for it
Person1: I herd of a furry con
Person2: Sounds intresting, I may go
Person1: I'm going to get my fursuit ready
Person2: I may bring my tail
by Paw-Fox August 02, 2006
The term "furry" means any anthropomorphized animal. They are also known as "funny animals," but this is an outdated term. Since a furry is an anthropomorphic version of an animal, we can determine what a furry character is by carefully defining our usage of "anthropomorphic".

By definition an object is "anthropomorphic" if it has been given human attributes; these usually include the capacity for rational thought, emotions, and an upright posture. An anthropomorphic animal, therefore is a hybrid that is somewhere between a human and the original species.

Examples of furries abound, and these can surely cement the concept for any readers that stopped to re-read the above paragraphs. Most cartoon characters are furries (e.g. Donald Duck, Wile E. Coyote, Pink Panther, Quickdraw McGraw, etc.). Many cartoon characters are quite removed from the actual animals; their charicatured forms still retain many animalistic traits, however, and this identifies them as furries.

Many comic book characters (e.g. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Omaha the Cat Dancer, Usagi Yojimbo), movie characters (e.g. the Rippers in "Tank Girl", Barf in "Space Balls"), and mascots (e.g. the San Diego Chicken and Smokey the Bear) are also, at a basic level, anthropomorphized animals.

Finally, furries are also commonly found in artwork, literature, and mythology (I won't bother to list examples here; I think you've got the idea by now). These are diverse categories, and this is one reason that it is hard to develop a comprehensive notion of what constitutes a "furry".
I like to draw furry artwork.
by Brutal Fists Of Furry December 19, 2004
A furry is any sort of half-animal/half-human creatures, usually bipedal. Most commonly appearing in the form of "talking animals" or "animal-headed people." Many are familiar cartoon characters, such as Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse.

A furry is also sometimes used as shorthand to mean a furry fan, i.e., anyone who likes anthropomorphic animals. There is a small but growing fandom for people who like furries.

A furry hater is someone who is willfully ignorant about furries and goes around making stuff up about them on UrbanDictionary.
The common response from people when you ask "Have you ever heard of furry fandom?" is "No." That doesn't mean they're furry haters, they've just never heard of furry fandom.

Furry fandom is pretty awesome.
by It's A Furry World After All December 12, 2004
A furry is an anthropomorphic animal. You often see them in cartoons or advertising.

Furry characters, sometimes difficult to describe in prose, often come to life on the comics page. Some popular anthropomorphic comics include Usagi Yojimbo, a samurai rabbit created by Stan Sakai, and Shanda the Panda, a modern single-girl panda by Mike Curtis.
Tony the Tiger is an example of a furry.
NOTE: Majority of these definitions are NOT from actual furries, take it from a real one.

Unlike the pictures suggest, a furry is NOT BY ANY MEANS a person who dresses as an animal. Despite the fact that some furries do enjoy that, it is NOT the definition. A person who dresses as an animal, is a gigolo (pronounced ji-gill-oh).

A furry, on the other hand is a person who finds anthropomorphic animals (meaning they walk, talk, think, act, and have personalities like a human) appealing, often but not always sexually.

*Other misconceptions*

- not all furries like yiff, and the 2 CANNOT be considered the same, or even similar

- being a furry does NOT mean wanting to have sex with the characters, although some do, it is NOT a requirement

Examples of furry Characters:

-Minerva Mink

-Sheila Vixen

-Amy the Squirrel
Non-furry: "Why do you have pictures of Minerva Mink on your PC?"

Furry: "Oh... heheh, I'm kind of what you call a furry..."

Non-furry: "....I don't get it at all but whatever..."

Furyy: "Hey dude, furry pride for the win!"
by Crash22Spyro July 02, 2011

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