One of the group of beastality fetishists notorious for drawing God-awful porn pictures and erotic stories of naked animorphic/humanlike-animals engaging in pornographic or sexual activities. Most furries are gay, and their works flaunt that in a sickening manner.

Furries are often seen behaving like the animals they fantasize about, talking almost wholly about animals/animorphic characters, using words like "plush", "yiff", "furvert", and "mundane" in half of their sentences, tattooing themselves with stripes, spots, or animorphic characters, dressing up in animal costumes, even having surgery to turn themselves into horrific monstrosities of their former selves.

Note: There are folks who show a mild interest in animorphic creatures and maybe read/create works that involve animorphic creatures, yet look and act like normal human beings. Unfortunately, that is an extreme rarity.

And for crying out loud, furries are NOT a fucking ethnic group or race!
The furry cult bears complete responsibility for single-handedly ruining the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon/game series. Just type "sonic fan" on any search engine and see for yourself.

What's really hilarious is that when furries get criticized, they usually blame Portal of Evil, or Something Awful, or whatever Internet scapegoat they can find, never mind that they have pissed off more than their fair share of average, decent folks who are being perpetually exposed to the furry fandom's shameless display of obscene behavior.
by middle finger August 30, 2004
PEOPLE (just calling them human will insult them) who are aroused by being an animal. They draw themselves as animals and role play. The also hang out at werelist to flame mundane folk like myself. Some of them dress in fursuits and some of them even have sex in the suits. Talk about perverted. Some are bad and some are good but you just cant generalize them as perverts. Some people I know are furries and they dont talk about yiff or being an animal all of the time.
Furries are not perverts it is just a fetish they have, BUT LETS MAKE FUN OF THEM ANYWAY CAUSE I HATE THEM AND THEY ARE WIERD.
by Lupine Shawn March 21, 2005
Furries... ah. Hmm, well, I'll try not to make this hateful.

Current day furries are a twisted version of what was once an appreciation of animated "furry" characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck (as other definitions of this word before mine reference.) However, the current furry is... scary. Your modern furry will enjoy looking at pornographic art of anthropomorphic characters, and some even believe they are animals in human form - I am not kidding.

Having met the modern day versus an older days furry, I can safely say that modern day furries are an excellent example of corruption. They have corrupted what was once an innocent appreciation of characters into the sickening thing it has become.

Modern-day Furries (mostly) abhor Something Awful, a site which isn't afraid to point out and make fun of what furries have become. Thank god Something Awful is around... heh, that's where I first learned about how furries were once not so bad...
"A furry is a sad, sad thing..."
by Some guy March 26, 2004
someone who is too cowardly to be a man, so he tries to be an animal in order to reap the benefits of the victim mentality among this deviant community
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
Close reletives to the high school mascot, but furries enjoy pounding other furries ass while mascots do not.
I am 45 years old and I dress as skunk hoping to find another sexy skunk.
by Gottomi November 02, 2003
A handful of people who roleplay animals that walk, talk, and think. Also known as furres. Commonly seen on an MMORPG called Furcadia. Contrary to popular belief, not all of them worship anime (I HATE IT).Some of them also use guns in roleplay. There are two seperate groups, Middle Ages and Bullet Ages, not going by those names. Middle Ages use swords and sorcery and all that, but Bullet Ages use all the guns here and all in advance. I honestly prefer Bullet Ages because of the open-mindedness. See roleplay .
A furrie is a person who roleplays an animal that can walk and talk.
by Erin Wolf The Werewolf December 24, 2003
a person who whishes to engage in sexual intercourse with a stuffed animal.
That furry stole my teddy bear... he can keep it.
by batman December 12, 2002

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