People who like dressing up as animals and having group sex. Or a name for people that are into beastiality.
Yooooo' ! Let's get drunk and put on our costums so we can be a furry and do it like they to on the discovery channel.
by Kelnix April 02, 2011
Those weird fucks that hang out at perkins on saturday nights.
Oh god, its the Furry crowd again...
by Schpooken November 01, 2009
people who dress up like animals and run around in the woods
watch out for the furries. they run around in the woods together and f**k
by Luke3432 June 26, 2011
Incredibly off-beat subculture of nerd-dom, considered by many to be the nerdiest of all. Someone who plays "Werewolf: The Apocalypse," has an account on DeviantArt, and cannot get sexually aroused unless both parties involved are dressed up like members of the Banana Splits.
I can get along fine with Trekkies, otakus, comic book geeks, math nerds, and even LARPers, but I will never associate with a damn furry.
by Ebeneezer von Frankenstein December 24, 2007
a complete fuckwit with no morals/values that has an uncontrollable fetish for animalistic sluts
Gareth: Hey, im a furry

(Normal Person): You are a fuckwit

Gareth: its not my fault im like this

by The_furry_killer January 09, 2011
they are animals (mostly fox or vixen) with human characteristics. furry lovers can either be:

A.regular people who loves looking at walking and talking animals and does furry art(does not show sexual organs)

B.perverted people who wear fursuits, draws furvert porn art, and likes nothing but seeing sexual organs of their furry art
random guy:"anyone home?"
*opens furry lover type B's door to find two people in fursuits having sex*
random guy:"HOLY F-*bleep*"
by urth443 February 25, 2009
Someone who feels a need to post long-winded definitions of the word furry on the internet. These definitions generally avoid any sort of restricting or mundane structure, frequently sidetrack, cite historical cultures and personal spirituality, include ad hominem attacks on anyone who would dare to consider them strange, misuse the word fandom, and generally avoid defining the word furry.
Joe: What does furry mean?
Furry: Let me get back to you in a week with a personal manifesto.
by POL May 01, 2005

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