A person that shows interest (some to a lot) in anthropomorphic animals, or "anthro" animals, meaning human-like. There's been a lot of speculation that all furries are sex-crazed maniacs. This is not true. While there are people like that out there (about 1/10th of the fandom), this cannot be proven, as how diverse human personalities are. A lot of furries like to draw and create art. Others create or wear fursuits, write stories/poetry, or just like to hang out with other furries. All (Or a lot of) furries have their own furry persona, or "fursona," which could vary from a fox or dog, to a dragon or lizard. Some fursonas are pokemon or digimon. What you call those kinds of furs would be "poke-furs," or "digi-furs."

There are over 40 annual furry conventions worldwide, or "furcons," the largest being "Anthrocon," in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, furries meet up and do things like browse art, hold charity auctions (sometimes), create art, crafts, music, or literature, and play video games (Just to name a few. Depending on which convention, they might have different things on offer).

Most furries just like to have fun, and that's what the fandom's about (Well, that and anthropomorphic characters).
"I'm proud to be a furry, and no one can change that."
"She attended the furry convention."
"He likes to draw furry art, like this cute fox."
by 17lucarional December 06, 2014
A furry is, in broad terms, a person who has an interest in drawing, writing about, or dressing up as an animal. Whether it be anthopomorphic, feral, or even just neko. Some of the fans tend to be a little too excited with the animal side, and often draw and write about scenarios involving furries having sex or getting involved in various sexual fetishes, yet this is not always the case. Furries seem to have a large hatedom within the internet, finding them to be gay, idiotic, zoophiliacs and such.
I am a furry, I have my own fursona.
by rtivey01 December 08, 2015
A furry is a person who feels a bond with a certain species of animals and is active in conservation of wildlife and environment. Not to be confused with bestiality and zoophilia, Furries are usually found in parks or pubs being normal and earning money. Some furs will wear a fursuit or a tail, for example, but because there are many narrow-minded people many Furs are too scared to wear their Furry items in public. Being Furry is merely an expression of love for the animal kingdom.
I can't go out this weekend; I'm going out with my furry friends for a drink.
by Mosey July 22, 2004
A faggot who likes to rape animals.
Dude, I heard that guy is a furry. I have to hide my pets
by TheAsianDream January 29, 2016
1. Someone who is interested/sexually attracted to anthropomorphic animals
2. Someone who dresses as an anthropomorphic animal, sometimes performing sexual acts in the suit.
Patrick Stump: Hayley Williams is a furry? Does she suck penis in the suits?
Pete Wentz: No, she just looks up pictures of drawn furries on deviantart.
by Booper Bum November 16, 2015
A f***ing fagget
A furry made dog p***
by insta: fnaf_foxy__thepiratefox March 05, 2015
"Furry" as a noun refers to a wide range of individuals who essentially have an attraction to animals (predominantly fictional anthropomorphic animals) that goes beyond social norms. This attraction may be as benign and innocent as collecting artwork, media, or figurines featuring anthropomorphic animals such as Disney characters (Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, etc), or as malignant as believing they are an animal trapped in human form, often acting inappropriately upon underlying paraphilias that result in sodomy and even bestiality, and everything else within this spectrum. They may or may not engage in "fursuiting", or the wearing of mascot-type suits that represent anthropomorphic or pseudo-realistic animals, and may utilise Furry-specific language, often mimicking animals sounds or using animals names as substitution for existing words. (Oh my Dog! This is Horseome! Yiff! etc.)

As individuals, they predominantly consist either of the academically challenged, socially awkward, emotionally stunted, or the morally bereft (or any combination of these) in various degrees, with the overwhelming majority of them having a commonality of being sexually depraved. This results in a highly sexualised "culture" within Furries, as demonstrated by the vast libraries of anthropomorphic and "feral" (ie bestial) pornographic imagery and writing. Many are ignorant of the concept of personal hygiene.
It is possible to find Furries who are in full possession of their faculties and not excessively sexual, but they are in the vast minority; some would argue that this minority are not actual Furries, since many believe that in order to be Furry, you must possess at least one of the aforementioned shortcomings, particularly in regards to sexual depravity. Others believe in order to be Furry, one must believe they are an animal other than human on some level.

There are many subtypes of Furries, including Bronies (Fans of My Little Pony), Anime cat-people, Ferals (non-anthropomorphic Furries, often confused for Zoophiles or Bestialists but often one or the other), and many others.

Generally, Furries are unreliable, irresponsible, highly emotional, and mentally unstable - often delusional. It is recommended to avoid relationships of any sort with Furries as they are highly volatile.

If you have artwork of an anthropomorphic Fox being sodomised by an anthropomorphic Wolf possessing grossly over-sized genitalia, you are probably a Furry.
by MFE777 January 10, 2014

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