A furry is any sort of half-animal/half-human creatures, usually bipedal. Most commonly appearing in the form of "talking animals" or "animal-headed people." Many are familiar cartoon characters, such as Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse.

A furry is also sometimes used as shorthand to mean a furry fan, i.e., anyone who likes anthropomorphic animals. There is a small but growing fandom for people who like furries.

A furry hater is someone who is willfully ignorant about furries and goes around making stuff up about them on UrbanDictionary.
The common response from people when you ask "Have you ever heard of furry fandom?" is "No." That doesn't mean they're furry haters, they've just never heard of furry fandom.

Furry fandom is pretty awesome.
by It's A Furry World After All December 12, 2004
A hobby/genre which focuses on artwork and stories about animal-headed people. Unfortunately, the brainless boglumps from anti-furry websites just don't "get" furry fandom and clutter up UrbanDictionary with flimsy crapulence because they're incapable of creating anything of their own.

Let's break it down so there can be no confusion: You don't have to think you're an animal to be a furry fan. You don't have to rave about your inner platypus to be a furry fan. You don't have to insert the word "fur" into every sentence to be a furry fan. You don't have to wear a fursuit to be a furry fan. You don't have to like furry porn to be a furry fan.

Most furries are just folks who thought "The Lion King" or "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" or even Sonic the Hedgehog was majorly cool. They write about and draw cartoon animals. I have no idea why this makes some people go apeshit, but there ya go.
Furry fandom makes the brainless boglumps from CrushYiffDestroy waste their lives away and that's just sad.
by Reality Asserts Itself November 24, 2004
I'm a furry,so hear me out. There is no single definition of what a furry is. Some like to yiff,some like art,some like writing,some like playing online games.


1.Furverts. The kind that you find making yiffing videos on pr0n sites and such and often look at adult art.

2.Fursuiters. Those who wear animal costumes or just tails and ears.

3.Furries. Those who like art,stories,games,etc.

4. Otherkin. those who don't believe they're human in spirit.
Anti-fur: Why are you wearing a tail?

me:because I'm a furry.

Anti-fur:what's a furry?

Me:um, we are people who identity with animals.

anti-fur:OMG! You're one of those animal fuckers! Stay away from me!

me:Um, actually being a furry doesn't have anything to do with zoophilia.

by Axelfox October 04, 2010
Furry is a fandom of people that have an interest in animals. They are defined by 1 or more of the following groups:

(A)Fursuiters (Costume furs)
(B)Artists (Furry/Anthro art)
(C)Furverts (which are actually quite rare in this fandom)
(D)Roleplayers (DnD, with anthro furs)
(E)People who genuinely believe they're animals (Nutcases)

Most furries are B and D, but if you run into all of these categories mixed together, RUN AWAY!!! Because you have just met the kind of fur that made the public coin the term "furfag" for all furries.

Any person who has any mix, but involves category C is also what's called a "furfag".

Furries have NO sexual attraction to their pets, that is a myth made up by a couple of wigger kids while getting high off their dad's drug collection. But be doubtful about that damn category E... As all non-furry lunatics are, these guys are unpredictible.
Mos furries are B and D, but the ones that involve C and/or E are "furfags".

Furries are sexually attracted to other humans and are in the furry fandom for fun.

Fursuiting, if it doesn't involve diapers, is a perfectly acceptable thing for furries to do. Even non-furries fursuit for birthday parties, theme parks etc.

Remember these truths and keep them in mind when you meet a furry.
by Furry who is A and B April 02, 2010
A specific type of, sometimes rather zealous, fan of animals and the like. Furries tend to enjoy dressing up as and/or acting like animals, as well as attending furry conventions, though many simply partake in "furry art" (art typically involving anthropomorphized animals) or other, lesser, forms of being a furry.

Due to a loud minority, many Furries have ecently been stereotyped as being "perverted," or "overly sexual" when going about their business. However, this is a blatantly false belief, as there is an extremely low percentage of Furries that do so, just as there are some non-Furry people in everyday life that do so.

Being a Furry is clearly not something to be afraid or ashamed of despite adversity. Most Furries are amicable and otherwise "normal" people, as can be seen from attending a convention or two (this is not to say that Furries are "abnormal." I am merely trying to get a point across). Any stereotyping, hating, or flaming should be avoided when dealing with Furries, as there exists a fairly strong Furry pride (avoiding these things tends to be a pretty good idea in general).
It's too bad that Furries are so disliked by those that do not understand them, as they are just "normal" people with a unique hobby.

Any Furries that treat their Furry-ness as an obsessive or perverted way of life should not be considered to represent the majority.
by The Goodwill Ambassador February 17, 2010
Not to be confused with people who have a "yiff" paraphilia.
The broadest definition is an "anthropomorphic enthusiast" the same way a trekie is an "star trek enthusiast".
Some might say they are a furry because they collect stuffed animals or "plushies". Some might say so because they enjoy anthropomorphic films/television programmes such as Balto or The lion king.
Like most fandom cults they hold conventions where they get to meet eachother and discuss anthropomorphic topics, dress up in anthropomorphic costumes aka "fursuits", play dance-dance revolution and have a good time.
Some people collect stamps I guess.
The lion king was the only decent furry movie Ive ever seen.
by BadAssBassPlaya101 November 04, 2006
Someone who enjoys and/or creates art, literature, costumes, and more that pertains to anthropomorphised animals.

Since the interests of the people who belong to the furry fandom range widely it is misrepresentative of the fandom as a whole to discribe them all in a specific fashion rather than a generalized one (i.e. they all dress up in fursuites isn't true since some of them dont do this.)

-Anthropocentric: when the creation of anthropomorphised animals is in the service of representing people and human nature, rather than having anything to do with the animal itself. (Animal Farm: by George Orwell; Aesop Fables)

-Zoomorphic: When animal characteristics are attributed to a god (or in this case human being: such as cat eared girls, or werewolves in some cases). Interest lies with the feral side of the being rather than the human side.

The nature of interests furries have can originate from either of the above examples, and in the end this is where many associations between furries can get confused. The fact that furries like animals and people and the associations between them is always clear, as both forms and minds of each being are always present (There's always an animal and human involved). But the degree by which the animal is admired or human is admired over the other must be paid attention to if one is to udnerstand the true nature of each individual furry.

Teddy Bear: The teddy bear used to be shaped mostly like a bear in its early days. It had a small forehead, beady little eyes, large muzzles and noses, and a small head proportionate to its overall body. People did not buy this toy often because they couldn't emotionally associate with it well.
In time designers of the toy began to anthropomorphise the stuffed bears giving them: big eyes, big foreheads, small noses scrunched up to their faces, and large heads too big for the body. In otherwords, they made teddy bears more like...babies! People began to associate with teddybears in a motherly, parenting sort of way banking many positive feelings with the bear. These people could be considered furries, because they like an anthropomorphised animal; and they could also be considered furries who come from a anthropocentric perspective, because it is not the animal they show affection for-but the human baby the animal represents.

Little Red Riding Hood:
Some theories wrap around this story as one that demonizes wolves. Others say it is a fable told in the old days from parent to daughter as a way of warning their girls that pedophiles and rapists were in the world- and to watch out for them. So, some theories point to the story as being about the animal, others say it is about the human/human nature the animal represents. Furries could be fans of the story from either a anthropocentric angel or a animal centric one.

In the end, the point is that Furries come in all shapes and sizes, with variations between why they like what they like. Furry is not an ambiguous term, it is simply a term that describes a vast variety of people who have merely one characteristic in common: liking anthropomorphised animals.
Examples Given above.

Personal Example: *shrug* I'm a furry. I like anthro animals, dont like wearing fursuites, dont like bestiality, and merely draw and write about anthropomorphised animals. And I dont get insulted if you call me a human...that's what I am.
by mellow out people June 25, 2007

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