A specific type of, sometimes rather zealous, fan of animals and the like. Furries tend to enjoy dressing up as and/or acting like animals, as well as attending furry conventions, though many simply partake in "furry art" (art typically involving anthropomorphized animals) or other, lesser, forms of being a furry.

Due to a loud minority, many Furries have ecently been stereotyped as being "perverted," or "overly sexual" when going about their business. However, this is a blatantly false belief, as there is an extremely low percentage of Furries that do so, just as there are some non-Furry people in everyday life that do so.

Being a Furry is clearly not something to be afraid or ashamed of despite adversity. Most Furries are amicable and otherwise "normal" people, as can be seen from attending a convention or two (this is not to say that Furries are "abnormal." I am merely trying to get a point across). Any stereotyping, hating, or flaming should be avoided when dealing with Furries, as there exists a fairly strong Furry pride (avoiding these things tends to be a pretty good idea in general).
It's too bad that Furries are so disliked by those that do not understand them, as they are just "normal" people with a unique hobby.

Any Furries that treat their Furry-ness as an obsessive or perverted way of life should not be considered to represent the majority.
by The Goodwill Ambassador February 17, 2010
1. To be covered in fur; fluffy; fuzzy.

2. Furry fandom. This is where this definition becomes a full out rant.

Furry fandom is something widely controversed.

To cover the most general of definitions, a person who is interested in (Note that I said interested in, not is sexually attracted to) anthropomorphic animals.

Some people believe that you are only a "Furry fan" unless furry is a lifestyle for you.

Still others believe that even if you don't know the meaning of the fandom, if you like anthro animals then you're a furry. To each his own.

Personally, I think it's about choice.

Many furries create alter-egos/roleplay characters/ect. that are often called "fursonas". Y'know, furry personas?

A lot of people assume all sorts of strange things about people who call themselves furries. I have personal experiance with this one, folks.

Let me tell you something: We are NORMAL PEOPLE. Some us are male, some female, some straight, some gay, some have jobs, some don't. We are not all automatically people who have sex in animal costumes. There certainly ARE some people like this within the fandom, but don't act like we are all the same. If it worked that way, then because Shakespear is dead, and some frogs are dead, then Shakespear was a frog.

I hope I have helped you instead of wasted your time, but that's my two cents.
My cat is really furry, but he sheds a lot.

I like furry art.
by Grey Eyed Spaz June 14, 2006
A subculture of people who are typically interested in anthropomorphism. There are three types:

Tier 1- Mildly interested. Probably don't own a fursuit. Like furry art and stories. Make up about 90% of furry population.

Tier 2- Highly interested. Most likely own a suit and have a fursona. A little weird, yes, but there are weirder things. Usually harmless, very social. Make up about 6% of furry population.

Tier 3- The general idea of furries to ignorant people. Those who take it too far. Believe themselves to be nonhuman and sometimes engage in sexual activity. It is this tier that began the negative portrayal of furries. Perhaps 4% make up the furry population.

That is all. And no, I'm not a furry, nor am I a furry hater.
A furry is a person who has an affinity for animals, but furries are often portrayed as bestial lowlifes, a sad stereotype that has unfortunately grown in the past few years.
by Jonesman August 31, 2010
Furries are Members of furry fandom.They Recive Alot of insults for reasons such as Stereotypes and the fact that they are different. Like most stereotypes they are not fact.
Furry stereotype: homosexuals who go to conventions so they can Have Sex With Each other.

What happens at conventions: Furries go to Conventions to show off there art,stories and other creations they have made.

Sexuality of Furries: in various studies which asked Furries about there sexuality 30-51% Responded Hetrosexual, 19-25% Responded Homosexual and 37-48% responded Bisexual.

Fursuits: Furries wear Fursuits beacause it makes them feel unique . Some People make their own! A few people Auction off their fursuits and give the money to charity. Many furries are Party Entertainers for young children and wear there Fursuits to entertain. A fursuit costs around

400$ to 1,500$.

Social Aspect: Fur cons and Furfan Websites are a great way to make new friends. In a study, Furries who were in a Romantic Relationship (about 50% of those questioned) around 75% where dating someone who was a Furfan.
Furry: im going to have a great time at Califur!
Guy: Furries are gay.
Furry: I accept the things you like, Why don't you accept the things i like?
guy: What do i like that you accept?
Furry: For example you like wasting your life trolling.
by Furry13556 May 09, 2011
a furry is a member of the furry fandom, which is a fandom (fans of artwork) that centers around the appreciation of anthropomorphic animals or characters.
A person that shows interest in anthros can be considered a furry.
by loveded you December 15, 2009
1. Covered in fur (i.e. a thick coat of fine hairs), like many mammalian species.
2. An anthropomorphized animal character, or an animalistic humanoid character. (Example: an anime catgirl.)
3. Media featuring characters as described in definition 2.
4. A fan of definition 2 and/or 3, especially online. Often misunderstood (and therefore mocked) as a sexual paraphilia and/or clinical zoanthropy, but rarely if ever actually "persecuted."
5. Pertaining to definition 4.
1. "I don't like Chinese Cresteds. A dog is supposed to be furry!"
2. "Does Kimahri Ronso count as a furry?"
3. "Foster's Spellsinger Saga is a furry series."
4. "Joe is a furry who usually plays a wolf on MMOs."
5. "I'm only going to that furry convention if you pay my way."
by Scirocco September 08, 2007
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