Furries are the lowest form of human life. Furries fail.
According to everyone at loltheinternet, furries fucking fail.
by I HATE FURRIES April 22, 2005
Retards who dress up as animals and fuck eachother. They are obsessed with anthro art and being an animal. Death to them and all of their vermin.
Furries like to fuck plush toys.
by 666 February 21, 2005
Sick perverts who have a fetish for furry animals. They tend to draw themselves as animals and dress in fursuits and go to furry conventions.
I like to beat up furries when they dress up in their fursuits. It is easy cause they tire so easily dressed like that and have muted sences thanks to their stupid animal mask.
by Ryan Satter March 21, 2005
The Super Furry Animals
"The furries are the best band on the planet. Coldplay have arse crabs."
by frank pubes February 03, 2005
People who like to be in animal outfits better than not. Some of them like to have sex and do other sexual like things while being costumed up.
Bob: nayyyyyyyyy
Jenny: meowwwwwwww
by Oz May 19, 2005
A slang term used in the fetish world as people who are attracted to animals sexually. Some are also known as "furverts".
"Did you see that kid drawing pictures of animals having sex?!"
"Yeah, that kid's a totally furry."
by Danielle S. May 15, 2005
Men and women who like to dress up in animal costumes and have sex with each other.
"Jen, you want to go to the furries meeting tonight? There's a hot chick in an elephant costume I'd like to mate with."
by Path January 03, 2005

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