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okay. a furry is someone who dresses up as an animal and has sex with another person (dressed up as an animal). furries can also be people that are obsessed with animals, or animal porn or animal hentai, etc.
look up furry on google.
by muggalo March 09, 2006
62 162
an incredibly sexy group of people. these people enjoy dressing up like animals while still having a human look (an animal-human hybrid). along with great drawings of furries. also loving to have ALOT of sex whether dressed up or not. (YES i am a furry)
furries wear cat ears if trying to look feline, etc.
by furry-man123 October 23, 2009
44 154
A furry is a fat, ugly homosexual, occasionally a pedophile, who gets into a badly-tailored homemade suit that looks vaguely like a six-foot-tall fat fox and then pounds other people in skunk suits or unsuspecting animals in the ass. Generally believes himself to be some sort of animal trapped in a human body waiting to get out. This is a delusion that keeps them from realizing that they're socially worthless pigfuckers.
"Oh hay, that furry just fucked my dog! Kill him!"
by SA October 02, 2003
297 418
A sad fatbeard in a poorly constructed animal costume; a bestialist; a person who believes himself to be a wolf or other popular animal; an imaginary animal-headed character; the homeless bagpeople of the geek fandoms.
Man, you're just a lowdown nogood furry.
by The International Wool Secretariat February 16, 2005
154 278
A sick, sad person who secretly wishes to fuck the animal he tries to base his life around. Usually claims to be the reincarnation of a dragon, fox, wolf, or horse. Furries enjoy making doodles and stories of male-on-male animal sex, and posting them all over the Web for everyone to see. Note: furries can't draw or write.
The furry is fucking my sheeps.
by knuck March 22, 2005
211 340
A furry is a disillusioned person who claims that their own social ineptness is due to an innate link with the animal world rather than the fact that they're ugly and smell of onions.

Like most social outcasts such as anime fans and nerds, Furries believe themselves to be 'unique' and superior to everyone else. In truth, they are no more an animal trapped in a human body than you or I.

Furries dress up in animal costumes and viciously rape one another from behind, which supposedly brings them more in tune with the animal kingdom. This disturbing sexual fetish can, and normally does, subsequently turn them into paedophiles at later stages in life.
miaow miaow I'm a cat, lick my ass
by batman June 04, 2005
188 318
Porn for people who can't decide if they're nerds or rednecks.

At least 80% of furry drawings are pornographic and at least 60% of furry fans are perverted freaks. Just look at VCL. Better yet, just play Furcadia for 5 minutes and you'll see what "furry" is all about.

NOTE: The term "Furry art" has NEVER been accepted as an artform by professional animators. Try applying for a job at Disney as an animator and tell them you draw furry art (or just use the term "furry" in a sentence). Watch how fast you get shown the door.
There isn't a single person at any furry convention that doesn't look like the Simpsons Comic Book Guy.
by More Mundane Than Mundane April 20, 2005
102 236