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a person that was raped or molested as a child and forced to watch animal planet. These people often end up being gay, enjoying anime, and wearing fursuits.
Girl #1: Why on earth is Eric dressed like a hound and speaking very poor Japanese?
Girl #2: Oh, he's furry.
Girl #1: Anyone who would willingly wear that without getting paid large sums of money must be out of their fucking mind.
Girl #2: Indeed.
by Negated February 10, 2008
1. (noun) A human that believes dressing and acting like an animal (especially one with a tail) will enhance sexual pleasures.
2. (noun) A human that dresses and acts like an animal with or without bondage when commencing sexual conduct.
3. (noun) A human that dresses and acts like an animal and only recieves sexual pleasure from doggie style.
Katherine wore a horse outfit and neighed during foreplay. She is such a furry.
by Berry Delicous January 30, 2007
A group of people who dress up like animals and have social gatherings online and in person. These folks sometimes engage in affectionate, sometimes intimate behavior at Furries gatherings, called furmeets.
Bob is ugly as sin and has put on a few lately, but furries don't really care. It's the costume that really matters.
by bbcard1 July 02, 2009
The most rofl worthy subject in human society. It is basically animals with human characteristics having sex, in a hentai like fasion.
Dude, you look at furry porn?? Get laid, mk?
by Connor Fowler July 31, 2006
people who fuck with animal suits on and have holes for the dick to go in and come out
WOW those furries are really going at it
by Gaunjaking16 March 15, 2010
furries are the most annoying fandom you will ever witness.Furries carry three traits obnoxious, self-righteous,and hypersensitive. In other words furries are stuck up assholes. Here are some quotes from furries that I have found quote 1:"we'll laugh back at how humans are having below par lives". Wow,it's a wonder why most people hate furries.Quote 2: "furries are humans in the fact that they are above normal humans" Furries will inform you that they have the right to say, do and draw whatever they want and there's nothing you can do about it. Yet I see these hypocritical bastards go to sites and say quote "anti furries should be shot" Oh yes, they'll tell you that they have the right say whatever they want but lord help you if you say one bad thing about them. They find it ok to think of themselves as better than "non-furries" but believe it wrong not to like them? Sounds a little strange to me. Furries tend to believe themself as a unique fandom.This is not true for example:I have seen a program where star trek fans wear their star trek costumes all the time, some who only wear their star trek conventions just like "fursuiters" .Star trek fans trade action figures like furries trade their so called "art".Furries are like all the other fandoms out there like those star trek and star wars fandom.Star trek,star wars,furries and all the other fandoms out there have the same catagory of people too, those who take the fandom too far,those who just like the fandom, and those who get perverted over the fandom.Wake up furries you are not different, you are not unique, you are not special.Furries are not a race although they tend to believe that they are a race being mistreated or hated.Furries, you are not a race, you are not better than us, you are not unique, get over yourself.
1,363,207 furries will only read the first ten word of my definition and try to delete it.Because they are furry.
by Captain Cream September 12, 2006
Furries are anthromorphic beings, who are looked down in the eyes of some and worshiped by others. Hard-core "furries" often dress up in an animal costumes and pretend to be that animal at conventions called "ConFURences" (Refence: Obsessed Moron), While the more laid back furries stick to writing stories, drawing pictures of anthros or just simply rping an anthromorphic character. These people are not to be mistaken for Zoophiliacs (which are a COMPLETELY different story)

I have a whole bunch of friends that are furries....I wish.

People say furries have sex with animals, this however is untrue and a cover to hide the fact that they lick public toliet seats and like it.
by Icuris The FoxHound May 11, 2006