n., adj. In the broadest definition, someone who finds the idea of anthropomorphic (humanlike) animals, in art, fiction, cartoons, costume, or other media, to be an appealing one. Furries are an extremely diverse group and no one furry may possess all, or any, of the traits typically associated with the group; furries can range from people who are fans of old Warner Bros. and Disney cartoons; people who enjoy portraying anthropomorphic animals in art; people who enjoy imagining what a future, past or alternative world might be like if humans were replaced with or accompanied by anthropomorphic animals; and people who like wearing costume tails, ears and/or animal mascot costumes, to those who feel spiritual connections to animals or to the animal form; those who admire the beauty, power, speed or grace of of the animal form; those who believe they have empathy with or can communicate with animals, for example people who work with them; people who have a great deal of respect for animal welfare; and people who find the concept of anthropomorphic animals enjoyable in a sexual way. (Amongst many, many other things.)

Those who do enjoy the erotic/adult side of furry are, like those who participate in any other sexual fetish or behaviour, almost always harmless in their indulgence of their fantasies, which usually involves erotic art and roleplay, and may involve consenting activities with fellow adults while in costume. Why people get uptight about what is such a cute, silly and affectionate expression of pleasure between two (or more) consenting adults when there's much worse out there to get worked up about such as child abuse, I'll never understand.

It's about fun, people. Try it sometime.
n. Furries often attend conventions.

adj. Furry art incoroprates many diverse forms of media.
by Spritedust May 15, 2004
Zoophilia. Isn't it obvious?
Furry is another word for zoophilia, as girllover is another word for pedophile.
#zoophilia #furry #sick #perverted #animal
by Sane Person October 02, 2006
A group of people who enjoy furry art. Not all of them are perverts (or furverts), but that doesn't mean a lot of them are. Basically it's anywhere between people who like to wears tails, (nothing wrong with that), to dudes giving it to each other in fursuits (yeah that's messed up). Most furries are pretty emo, but the one's who don't want to be included usually keep the furryness to themselves because they don't wanna deal with that shit.
You're one of those furries? You like yiff?

Eh, kinda. Not that much.

Oh. ok.
#furry #furries #furvert #furry drama #furry art
by Tornachu September 25, 2006
A person who is fascinated with anthropomorphic animals. Basic definition set aside, they're an Internet subculture who the majority are perverted geeks & are common targets of Something Awful. Quite possibly the strangest thing to originate from the Internet.
Furries who defend themselves on UrbanDictionary don't realize that it won't change jack shit about what people think of them.
by Dr. Atomic December 23, 2004
Furrys are very f***** up people. The furrys I talk of here aren't the people who might draw yourself as one maybe but if you fucking walk around in a fur suit because you think your an animal inside a humans body you need some sort of counseling. Now I don't want any of you furfags telling me other wise because if you think you look cool or its some kind of strange ass culture your working at or some shit well you don't, your not, and you never will be. I don't want to see you furfags at my stores, my supermarkets or my front yard. Did you know if you dressed as some kind of animal in any other country you'd probably get shot? Only in America....
Example of a furry: Any one that goes to one of those God forsaken furry conventions.
#furry #furrys #furfags #anthro #anthropomorphic #strange #gay
by Railyn April 13, 2008
A group of people who dress up like animals and have social gatherings online and in person. These folks sometimes engage in affectionate, sometimes intimate behavior at Furries gatherings, called furmeets.
Bob is ugly as sin and has put on a few lately, but furries don't really care. It's the costume that really matters.
#animal #sex #perv #fort collins #bestiality #cool #fantasy #roleplaying
by bbcard1 July 02, 2009
a person that was raped or molested as a child and forced to watch animal planet. These people often end up being gay, enjoying anime, and wearing fursuits.
Girl #1: Why on earth is Eric dressed like a hound and speaking very poor Japanese?
Girl #2: Oh, he's furry.
Girl #1: Anyone who would willingly wear that without getting paid large sums of money must be out of their fucking mind.
Girl #2: Indeed.
#furries #yiff #fur #sex #anthropomorphic #anthro #hairy #fandom #cute #fursuit #hentai #porn #yiffy #animal #drama #fuzzy #gay #4chan #emo #fetish #furry #art #fursona #something awful #animals #cat #fluffy #furry hater #portal of evil #soft #anime #bear #furrie #furs #fursuiter #loser #otaku #otherkin #vagina #vore #bitch #bush #convention #cosplay #cuddly #dog #fuck #furfag #furry haters #furrys
by Negated February 10, 2008
1. (noun) A human that believes dressing and acting like an animal (especially one with a tail) will enhance sexual pleasures.
2. (noun) A human that dresses and acts like an animal with or without bondage when commencing sexual conduct.
3. (noun) A human that dresses and acts like an animal and only recieves sexual pleasure from doggie style.
Katherine wore a horse outfit and neighed during foreplay. She is such a furry.
#beasty #furrie #animalistic #pleasure ponies #sex beasts
by Berry Delicous January 30, 2007
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