1. To have fur

2. A sorely misunderstood internet based sub-culture that is based around the intrest of anthropomorphic creature

3 An anthropomorphic creature ranging from the anime "cat-girl" (think "Hyper Police") to a fully furred and clawed,
Unlike what most think Anthropomorphic means to transfer human characteristics on to an object, animal or

My dog is furry heeheehee

by Finalword April 24, 2007
Noun: Furry

Furry include basically humanoid-formed creatures with animal faces, fur/scale/feathers/whatever, and often appropriate tails, wings, claws, etc., able to speak, and with a human-like personality, though quite often with "quirks" hinting at the real-life animal upon which the character is based.

There are furries all around from the world, for example: Asia,Europe,USA,Canada people some time meet up at conventions.
The majority of people in furry fandom are either Bi or Gay but you also do get Straight and Male or Female people in the furdom as well

As in most (sub)cults theres a darkside which involes sex, people who fetish with animals, but not everybody is like this.
The furdom ranges differntly from person to person it can be just people who like drawing animals or anthropomorphic animals (Animals with human features, such a human with cat ears) or a person who likes to dress up in there fursona fursuiter or just likes to act as there favorite animal

Normally people who are furries have a fursona, some don't, some have more then one its up to the person. People may also wear tailes/fursuits/fur heads/paws either around the house, or out in public or not at all its up to the person.

Furry does not revolve around sex, not everyone wants to go and yiff another furry, this is where its mostly confused with them thinking all people like having sex with people who are furry, you belive that your wrong.

The age can range from a person young as 13, to up to the age of 60, as I said above not all people want to have sex with the animal/furry
Person1: Hey, you want to go out into town on saturday?
Person2: Sure can I bring my tail?
Person1: Go for it
Person1: I herd of a furry con
Person2: Sounds intresting, I may go
Person1: I'm going to get my fursuit ready
Person2: I may bring my tail
by Paw-Fox August 01, 2006
1. An anthropomorphic animal or cartoon character such as Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse. So-called "funny animals," although not necessarily cartoon characters.

2. A fan of artwork and stories about anthropomorphic animals. Someone who draws animal-headed people.
I saw a movie this weekend that had furry characters in it. (def. 1)

The charity auction at the furry convention raised over $8,000 for a ferret shelter. (def. 2)
by Pocket Full Of Furries December 19, 2004
1. (n) An anthropomorphic animal; art could be tame or NSFW
2. (n) Someone who portrays themself in art as an anthropomorphic animal, usually their own creation or fursona
1. That is such a cute furry!
2. I'm a furry. My fursona is a blue cat with a white underbelly and a rainbow tail.
by PawPrint October 06, 2013
1. having a lot of hair
2. a fandom of people who take an interest in anthropomorphic art or literature of any sort be it poems, stories, animations, or drawings.

Being a Furry ,however, doesn't make you a zoophile and you do not need to have a "Fursona". Each Furry is different just like everyone not in the fandom. Some chose to dress up in costumes representing animals, they are called, "FurSuitors".
People who dress as animals are furries. The Ursa Major is a Furry award.
by BiPi February 09, 2010
A highly misunderstood fandom. A lot of non-furries believe that all furries have sex with everybody. Even the media is saying stuff like this. Although this is not true, people still think that they do, and it's not right at all. That's like saying every webpage on the internet has something to do with porn.
I'm furry and I'm proud! don't like it? I don't give a shit.
John:I'm a furry and I'm proud!
Bob:You are a fur-fag
John:I don't give a crud of what you have to say about me.
by RosemaryEmber November 20, 2012
People who are into anthropomorphic animals. Animals that have human characteristics. May have sexual, romantic or no attraction to them. Furries join the fandom through costume, art, song, writing, and all sorts of art forms, and may create a 'fursona'. Their sexual interest in humans also relates to what they would be attracted on anthropomorphic animals. Some are exclusively attracted to furries only and some are not. Some are attracted to real animals which is zoophilia, and some are not. Just like real people, some of them are bad, some of them are fine.
"My son Cameron told me he wants to be a furry yesterday… He said he wanted to go to conventions in costume and that the people in the hobby are friendly to him and that the suit helps him be himself."

"I had a cousin who was a furry… He got arrested for animal abuse because he was openly having sex with his pets in his fursuits. The police also found many pictures of cartoon animals having sex, and emails to his online friends trading him pictures of each other having sex with their pets and arrested his friends as well."
by JHollyWood August 10, 2014
Firstly, there are furries and there are Furries. The former term is simply anyone who is fascinated by anthropomorphic animals in media. May watch many Disney movies or read Redwall or similar novel series often. While they are strange, they can usually still function normally in regular life, as it doesn't take more than the role of a hobby or an interest. Then, there are the Furries. There is no way to completely describe them all. However, it is safe to say that they are an extreme version of Furries. Their interest in anthropomorphic animals is an obsession; and, as with any other obsession, hurts their social skills with normal people (who, by the way, they call "mundanes," implying that they are somehow more interesting than a sane person.) They may believe that they are part animal, an animal in a human's body, or were previously an animal (note however, they were always something "cute" or "magestic." They are never voles or rats. This may stem from a negative self image.) They also produce some of the most disturbing pornography on the internet, "furry porn," where the animals "yiff" (euphemism for sex). However, since there is no real-life "yiffing," all of this porn is usually in hentai format (i.e.-drawn). Many Furries fantasize about anthropomorphic animals from many children's movies. However, they are also extremely vocal about their perversions, which sets them up as easy targets. What makes it even easier is the fact that it is as easy to hurt their feelings as an emo kid's. Because it is easy to make fun of a furry, something awful "goons" and portal of evil forum members (admittedly neither forum can brag of having particularly intelligent or unintelligent posters) have a field day whenever a furry wanders into a chatroom wherever said members are chatting.
Furry: "Who wants to see half-Lion and half-Bunny yiff? If you do, come to my site. No furry haters please!"
Me: "I don't think posting on something awful is a very good way for a furry to avoid ridicule."
by master of everything March 01, 2005

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