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fur-bearing pet, specifically a cat
"fur people"
I got to get home to feed the furple.
by auryx September 28, 2004
7 18
When someone likes someone else romantically. This is not a big as a crush, but more then just friendship
e.g. "Aw, that guy is sweet, I think I furple him"
by Snashy August 18, 2012
9 1
slang for FUCKING PURPLE (caps necessary)
"My lighter isn't just purple, it's furple!"
by fireflyfreedom August 25, 2008
5 6
The third shade of purple
that books not purple! its furple!
by timthegreat4 September 11, 2008
5 8
Nickname for a skinny redhead.
Originated from a drawing of a small, purple, fuzzy thing.
"Hey, Furple, get me a sobe!"
by ashaface August 25, 2008
2 6
A wig for your pubes. Synonym for murkin.
That roller derby chick was wearing a furple that made her look like a Wookie.
by homeonwhoreisland July 23, 2010
0 8
The color of fur .
Everybody agrees that bigfoot's color is furple
by morewords February 14, 2008
1 11