a homosexual who has sex with animals or same sex people dressed as animals. it is the most disgusting and most insulting thing that you can call someone.
you are such a fur fag you little creep
by shelly the rainicorn January 21, 2010

A fur fag is a homosexual furrie. Furries want to have sex with someone dressed as an animal.
My buddy, saw a GUY dressed as a panda bear, that day he became a fur fag.
by Dr. Coffee January 25, 2011
A bunch of dramatic faggots who pretend to be animals and furiously fap to animal porn. These half retarded niggers often congregate at furfag conventions to perform depraved sexual acts to one another, and secretly hope that under that female fox costume is a thirteen year old little boy. They are also rampantly spreading their cancer and aids all across the interwebz, and would have over-run it if not for the heroic acts of the Patriotic Nigras. The mordibly obese, or social-phobic ones congregate and cyber-yiff on avatar based games such as Second Life and Furcadia. They are everything that this world rejects, and many would choose a weeaboo over a furfag any day, despite both being cancerous and aids-ridden.
Suddenly...Furfags, everywhere!
by nigraofnigras December 02, 2009
A derogatory term used to describe a person within the furry fandom. Used by furs and non-furs alike, it is used to describe a person known for starting drama, someone who craves more attention than they deserve, and those who seek emotional support when their emotional strife is truly non-existent. Also sometimes referred to as “emofurs”, furfags tend to represent all that is negative about the furry fandom. As the term suggests, furfags are usually homosexual, and show signs of femininity through their drama and purposeless conquests to convince the world they are the victims and deserve to be pitied and loved. Furries most commonly known to be furfags are those with their fursonas represented by *dragons, especially those aligned with the color black or the element of “shadow” or “*shade”. (*See “Shade Dragon”)
"Gawd man, what a furfag!"
"Stop being such a girl! You're acting like a furfag!"
"That shade dragon was a total furfag."
by KO2009 August 05, 2009
Obscure definitions:(Noun)
1.Anyone who is being a complete and total asshole to you for no apparent reason.

2.Plural form(Furfags) can be used to describe a bunch of ungrateful drunks assholes who only want to cause trouble for no apparently obvious reason

3.Some guy who is obviously a piece of shit.
Sentence:(1)Holy shit man, get off my back and stop being such a damned furfag already.

Sentence(2)Sentence:Oh Fuck!!! It's a whole shit load of cunting furfags!

Sentence(3):Man, that fucking guy is just being a furfag today.
by Kronen V May 06, 2010

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