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Obscure definitions:(Noun)
1.Anyone who is being a complete and total asshole to you for no apparent reason.

2.Plural form(Furfags) can be used to describe a bunch of ungrateful drunks assholes who only want to cause trouble for no apparently obvious reason

3.Some guy who is obviously a piece of shit.
Sentence:(1)Holy shit man, get off my back and stop being such a damned furfag already.

Sentence(2)Sentence:Oh Fuck!!! It's a whole shit load of cunting furfags!

Sentence(3):Man, that fucking guy is just being a furfag today.
by Kronen V May 06, 2010
44 221
Furfag (also known as Furry Fag) is a demeaning term used by Nonfurs and Anti-furries to describe a member of the furry community and/or as a condescending way to "acknowledge" a fur's "presence" during online discussions. Also used between Nonfurs and Anti-furries as an "ultimate insult."
Even though the term contains in it the word "fag" (a derogatory term for "homosexual,") it is not usually intended to imply anything about the target's own sexuality.
Be with with one of your furfag friends. They LOVE dicks AND assholes! <3.
by GNAA Popeye April 05, 2006
1277 1230
One who views the pictures of naked animals or manga animal cos play for pleasure.
That man just wanked off to the dogs fucking! What a fur fag.
by Brandon Cary November 03, 2007
105 78
A word used to hate on Furrys because that person is a Furry Hater. They dont like them and think their gay but in truth they need to get a life because they make it worse but they try to say that their making the internet safe but they are not. They dont like them for unknown resons I guess just to pass time.
Furfags are nice people just misunderstood by Furry Haters who use this word to demean them.
by gorud March 26, 2008
1113 1103
a homosexual who has sex with animals or same sex people dressed as animals. it is the most disgusting and most insulting thing that you can call someone.
you are such a fur fag you little creep
by shelly the rainicorn January 21, 2010
49 72

A fur fag is a homosexual furrie. Furries want to have sex with someone dressed as an animal.
My buddy, saw a GUY dressed as a panda bear, that day he became a fur fag.
by Dr. Coffee January 25, 2011
28 56
The proper pronunciation of the word furry. The verb form becomes furfaggotry. Can also be used to describe otherkin, which is about all furries to begin with. One of the primary sources of drama on the internets, largely due to the massive egos of the retarded fatasses that think they're purple otters with antlers and dolphin gills fighting against the scrawny fuckerbitches that think they're god damned coyotes wearing baggy jeans with six-pack abs wielding lightsabers for free art from some art whore that got banned from deviantart for posting yiffy porn.

It's important to note that although "furfag" contains the word fag, all furries are furfags, regardless of sexual orientation.
Yiff in hell, furfag!
by roq April 16, 2007
1451 1492
a retard who thinks he's part or fully animal. Usually due to some social disorder or retardation, these furrys seem to group together to form yiff orgies in order to have a bisexual orgy while dressed in animal costumes. Some furries argue that there not all like that and there right. The rest usually masterbate furiously to yiff porn on the internet due to there social aqwardness or obesety. The internet contains many groups dedicated to bringing all online furry to its knees, doomed to an endless struggle against the wall of fail.
furfags say yiff
anon says GO DIE
anon says GTFO
by Dyko April 23, 2009
431 511