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to loosely follow normal working hours
Man, I've got to Furey today, I've got a 6 p.m. flight to catch, think I'll leave around noon.
by Wangsta December 24, 2003
3 4
One who is a good fella, friendly, rich, charming and british to the core
cor blimey he is a furey
by chungle November 22, 2003
7 3
To loosely interpret the application of the 24 hour clock to one's own work schedule with the goal of stretching two weeks of vacation in to several weeks.

- "Coming in a few minutes late" - ie around 10:30 just in time to beat McDonald's cutoff of their breakfast menu.

- "Leaving a few minutes early to take an earlier flight" - ie a noon flight; sometimes involves leaving around 9:30 am to allow for pre-trip shopping or errands(eg Shaving cream; doctor; dentist; medicine; etc...)
I get two weeks of company paid vacation plus another two weeks of Furey time
by k Connor December 24, 2003
5 5