also known as the "FUR BIKINI" it is when a girl does not shave her pubic hair and it moves from the vaginal area down to the knee caps.. it creates a wild curly black forest wandering down the legs.
Person 1:Wow did you see Erin's furby?
Person 2:Yea it came down to her knees
Person 1:Yea it was gross!

Laura:I am so glad that furby is your roommate Rachel and not mine.
Rachel:Yea she walked around in her underwear with her furby hanging out I will have nightmares for weeks!
by Rachel the raper September 26, 2006
code word for an immature/ignorant black person, used among white folk so they don't get their asses beat.
"Look at that furby over there, dancin' around all African style like it ain't no thang."
by Wolven October 22, 2005
a new slang term for a hairy vagina. Origin- Dylan
I went down on this bitch only to find a furby.
by The Red Man February 27, 2008
A super cool kid that has his own style of wats cool
Hates posers
all the ladies love him they all think he is so funny and sweet
Girl 1: You know Christian?
Girl 2: Yeah
Girl 1: he is such a Furby
Girl 2: Yeah i know
by Superdude1802 October 21, 2008
When a man ejaculates onto a woman's face, spreads it around to make a thin, sticky, glue-like layer. Then the man shaves or pulls out his pubes and pats them on the woman's face, making her look like a Furby Doll.
Looks like Julie got one hell of a Furby last night, you can still see some of the pubes on her face.
by Romanick October 13, 2007
A small furry creature residing between the legs of women. Can also be bald (hairless)- AKA pussy
"Man, would I sure like to play with her Furby"
by Javajesus December 28, 2005
My girlfriend's vagina.
I want to play with Furby!
by Schmoopy February 05, 2003
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