A freshman boy in college who walks around campus with pre-college expectations of how to act cool and hip in college - while in fact, he is beyond clueless.

Furbies come in all shapes and sizes, but when you see one, you will know it instantly.

A furby is a specie that is often pushed aside by older girls and can often be swapped from one girl to another because they are forgettable creatures.
"I remember when I was a college freshman, I was late to my first class of my first day and I was running across campus to get there. I was such a furby!"
by College God February 16, 2010
A small creature that is resemblent to a chinchilla/owl/bird. Furbies are badass to the highest degree. LEGIT.
Syd- "what is that bad-ass ball of fur over there?"
Aves- "Only my best friend. A FURBY!"
by furby lover March 23, 2009
A chicks hairy ass crack
That bItch had a furby hanging out of her panties... Her ass fur is out of control!
by Wild bill February 25, 2012
Furry Fetishists, People who like to wear animal costumes for sexual purposes. People who get turned on sexually by Team Mascots and other walkaround costumes. Conversely People who get turned on by wearing such costumes.

Playboy Bunnies are a variation of furby bait.

People who become sexually aroused by their partner animalized through costuming and behaviors or vice versa.

a Furbathon, a party with other Furbies resulting in an orgy
I think That Woody (the woodpecker mascot) really has a woodie, he's a total furby!

Yeah, I'm a Furby, I run to the bathroom when I see Chip N Dale, those big eyes and giant fur butts ! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Awesome Furbathon this weekend, a purple poodle girl was in a 3some with a Pony and a Teddy Bear and I got some great head from 2 chickens! But when the pink bunny, 3 cats, the blue puppy and the Gorilla stared Masfurbating in a row the party was on!!!
by rubyoil June 10, 2011
The hairy area found on many males, and even some females, between the anus and genitalia. It is often dank and foul smelling from the collection of perspiration and feces that gets trapped in the netting of hairs.
Travis ignored the advice of his friends, on shaving his Furby, and now has to deal with the results of a ghastly odorous underball stench. Thus, nullifying any chance of slurpage from the underaged girls he desperately tries to impress.
by Aeryck July 01, 2006
A Furby is a sexual position in which a woman sits on a mans face with her anus over the mans nose. If the woman has hair around her anus, it is considered a Furby.
I was eating out Suzanne last night, she sat on my face and gave me a Furby.
by Caseyb2050 March 30, 2009
also known as the "FUR BIKINI" it is when a girl does not shave her pubic hair and it moves from the vaginal area down to the knee caps.. it creates a wild curly black forest wandering down the legs.
Person 1:Wow did you see Erin's furby?
Person 2:Yea it came down to her knees
Person 1:Yea it was gross!

Laura:I am so glad that furby is your roommate Rachel and not mine.
Rachel:Yea she walked around in her underwear with her furby hanging out I will have nightmares for weeks!
by Rachel the raper September 26, 2006

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