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someone who wears a ridiculous amount of fur, and doesn't care that it supports murder.
I saw her wearing a floor-length fur coat, she's such a fur hag.
by meatismurder April 14, 2009
Someone who is not a part of the furry fandom who has a lot of friends who happen to be furries.
Oh, he doesn't have a fursona, he's a trekkie, he just happens to be a furhag.
by Ernie Lubbock December 05, 2013
Pejorative proper noun. Someone who flaunts the use of fur fashion, despite the anti-animal practices it supports.
While at a Parisian nightclub recently, Lindsay Lohan had a bag of flour dumped on her and was proclaimed a Fur Hag by a rabid PETA supporter (

Use - OMG, did you see what Lindsay Lohan wore to that premiere the other day? She is such a Fur Hag!
by Dakota Moss November 21, 2008
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