a funnel dick is someone who is clumsy or someone who is just simply put fucking shit up for them or for some one else..... you can be a permanent funnel dick, the clumsy route.........or you can do a action that results in being called a funnel dick and thats when you have fucked up or fucked someone else up
DUDE! I should have never sucked that dudes dick now I feel like a total Funnel dick

dude im such a funnel dick I couldn't catch the ball today in football

o man yesterday I know I was being a funnel dick when I unintentionally cock blocked you bro
by r-dogthesmooth November 14, 2009
Top Definition
A penis with a dick hole that is larger than the shaft, creating a funnel-like shape.
It's a whole new experience with me, but you can't get this funnel dick for free! It only costs two dollars.

Girrrl that guy had a funnel dick, I had to fold the tip just to get it inside.
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