A crazed bum who resides in Athens, Georgia. See Willie James Huff

also goes by the alias Allah Rackbar
by 1337 Fork March 06, 2010
A girl havin' a really good orgasm. Often used when it's a result of self-masturbation(via toys), but also sometimes used when it's from havin' crazy wild sex. It's called the funky chicken because it's so wild, she's getting all crazy with her body like she's having a seizure or somethin' as she is cumming..
..and you KNO I was doing the funky chicken afta you called...'cause you got me so worked up! Dayum boy!
by Junipersmile April 02, 2007
Fighting sleep to the point where you can't keep your head up, then snapping your head back up to remain awake.
Max was up all night studying, and was doing the funky chicken during class the next day.
by mrshill1962 May 19, 2006
An anonymous pointless word. Said when an anonymous noun is required. Said at random times when something slightly out of the ordinary happens.
Woo! We scored a goal! Funky chicken!
by The Guy At The Back On Fire September 17, 2003
A sexual act that involves giving an elbow job to two different guys at once, resulting in a chicken like arm flapping motion.
There were so many girls giving out funky chickens last night, it looked like a hen house.
by Methuselah G August 10, 2016
Uncontrollable spasmodic kicking & flailing of the limbs, whilst undergoing serious medical defect/alert (heart attack, seizures etc.)
Harold stumbled to the ground & started doing the funky chicken, before I realized he needed an ambulance.
by ScruffyBarlow May 05, 2016
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