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A word that office losers and yuppies use to describe something that's not normal in thier day to day repetative world.
"There's something funky with this order I'm working on here."
"I am on my way over to a meeting, but I can't seem to find it. Someone gave me some funky directions."
"This new massaging chair I got at Sharper Image is pretty funky!"
by Jeremy April 13, 2005
10 18
If it is bad or different and you don't like it, say a cookie tastes funky, it tastes old or stale.
That guy looks funky
by Starblast Ridge June 07, 2003
2 10
Crashing your bike
"Opps I have done a funky"
by DynaMight September 08, 2008
6 15
when we put da UNK into fUNKy!! Or it describes some nastay stink.
1.Whatta funky smell! what hav u been eating? Dead Skunk?
2. "Funky party, where's the beer?" "Up my ass." "Random!"
by EAT_THE_FUNKY_CHICKEN_plz December 19, 2004
3 12

1. To smell badly

2. To be funky is to be able to dance to funk music, and/or be funky-fly and/or fresh
1. I smell funky

2. Rick james is very funky
by Mastor August 15, 2004
4 13
Apparently, 'Funky' derives from the word used by colonists to describe the smell of African slaves after sexual intercourse.
'Tha' (expletive deleted - please don't slaughter me) smells funky, Brother Issac!'
by Milford R. Deeling June 06, 2005
6 16
The word stupid dandies use instead of the word cool.
hey cool is such a funky word man...
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005
7 19