adj. One definition is missing. Funky can also mean to be in a foul mood. To have your lip poked out and be anti-social and bitter. It means to be nasty to another person and treat them poorly.
Man, Sarah sure is in a funky mood!
by Rick in L.A. October 25, 2007
1. having a distinctive earthy or folksy quality.
2. non-sterilized or gentrified, usually positive connation.
3. having a bad smell and/or exceptionally negative qualities.
1. I like that kind of art; its very funky.
1. I could really go for some funky Mexican food right now.
2. That meeting got pretty funky when they started arguing.
by William Davis May 25, 2005
Music that has a particular feel or groove.

"Earl King recently told me I was the first guy he ever heard use the term funky about music..."

" 'Think about Foley, how funky and dirty he stinks and smells. Think about playing the music just like that."

-Earl Palmer, Backbeat: Earl Palmer's Story
"Damn, that's funky!"
by bbmatt September 22, 2009
adj. In this case, used to describe the potency of the marijuana. The more emphasis used on the word scales the potency. Also see da funk.
"Man, I didn't expect these regs to be this funky, I'm blazed!"
by Nobody Fresh January 16, 2005
Smelly, stale.
Open the window, its kind of funky in here.

Leave those funky socks outside.
by Nick Sangia March 26, 2003
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