a dance craze popularised by cult 70's show 'the Goddies'.
oh no! dads doing the funky gibbon!
by oops April 18, 2003
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To react wildly with much waving of arms. Derived from the Goodies song/dance
I was only 15 minutes late for the meeting and the boss did a total Funky Gibbon in front of everyone
by John August 14, 2003
Spontanious sweet dance routine involving flailing arms and a bounce in one's step. Normally occurs in a state of immense euphoria.
Upon finally understanding the complicated conceipt, Leo burst into the funky gibbon!
by Andy C November 06, 2003
Seventies dance routine including much armpit-scratching, chest-beating and arm-dangling in the manner of a gibbon. The Goodies were the start and finish of this short-lived craze.
"Let your arms go limp like a big babboon, get ready to sing this gibbon tune!"
by Doll Revolution July 11, 2003
The grooviest ape in the entire universe!!!!!!!!! xxx
up a tree
by lou January 23, 2004

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