A seizure, typically the result of a fatal trauma such as stroke, brain damage or poison.
Keep your mask on if you don't want to do the funky chicken.
#seizure #death #spasm #poison #head trauma #stroke #heart attack
by FeO2 April 06, 2011
Top Definition
1> A dance craze, done by tucking your hands under your armpits and flapping your "chicken wings" while doing the peck and scratch.

2> That smell, you know it, when chicken has been left out too long.
1> Woah, you should see grandma do the funky chicken!

2> *sniff sniff* WHEW! That is some funky chicken, might as well throw it away or feed it to he dogs or something.
by Varris October 07, 2003
A crazed bum who resides in Athens, Georgia. See Willie James Huff

also goes by the alias Allah Rackbar
#stanky #chicken #funky #pimp #willie #james #huff #rack #em
by 1337 Fork March 06, 2010
the dance people do when they really really have to go to the bathroom, but are forced to hold it
I knew Mike was doing the funky chicken outside the bathroom door, so I took extra long washing and drying my hands, hoping he'd piss himself.
#bathroom #urination #pee #bladder #holding it
by pizzaf October 05, 2008
A dance move that is so offensive it is universaly banned in every country on Earth and Clayworld. The proper punishment for doing such a horrific act is the death penalty.
"Lets do the Funky Chicken!"

"No way! I don't want to die!"
#chicken #funky #dance #dancing #clayworld
by That_Urban_Dictionary_Guy October 31, 2009
To convulse or seize, esp. after being severely beaten in a fight.
Dude I soccer kicked that guy in the face 'til he was doin' the funky chicken!

Someone call an ambulance this man is doing the funky chicken!
#fight #convulse #seize #seizure #violent
by FunkyChicken April 13, 2008
an adjective describing a person with unusual physical characteristics, or a person with strange behavior.
"You see that guy? What a funky chicken!"
#weirdo #goon #creep #strange #odd
by HopeDee August 21, 2008
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