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1> A dance craze, done by tucking your hands under your armpits and flapping your "chicken wings" while doing the peck and scratch.

2> That smell, you know it, when chicken has been left out too long.
1> Woah, you should see grandma do the funky chicken!

2> *sniff sniff* WHEW! That is some funky chicken, might as well throw it away or feed it to he dogs or something.
by Varris October 07, 2003
A crazed bum who resides in Athens, Georgia. See Willie James Huff

also goes by the alias Allah Rackbar
by 1337 Fork March 06, 2010
the dance people do when they really really have to go to the bathroom, but are forced to hold it
I knew Mike was doing the funky chicken outside the bathroom door, so I took extra long washing and drying my hands, hoping he'd piss himself.
by pizzaf October 05, 2008
A seizure, typically the result of a fatal trauma such as stroke, brain damage or poison.
Keep your mask on if you don't want to do the funky chicken.
by FeO2 April 06, 2011
A dance move that is so offensive it is universaly banned in every country on Earth and Clayworld. The proper punishment for doing such a horrific act is the death penalty.
"Lets do the Funky Chicken!"

"No way! I don't want to die!"
by That_Urban_Dictionary_Guy October 31, 2009
To convulse or seize, esp. after being severely beaten in a fight.
Dude I soccer kicked that guy in the face 'til he was doin' the funky chicken!

Someone call an ambulance this man is doing the funky chicken!
by FunkyChicken April 13, 2008
an adjective describing a person with unusual physical characteristics, or a person with strange behavior.
"You see that guy? What a funky chicken!"
by HopeDee August 21, 2008
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