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a bus that goes from chinatown in boston to chinatown nyc. it's real cheap, but the bus is known to burst into flames on the way. i guess you'll pay one way or another.
i only have 15 dollars and i need to get to new york this weekend

take the fung wah!
by scuba steve September 08, 2006
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(noun, adj.) a term used to describe something extremely unsafe, hazardous, or generally unfit for use. Named after the Chinatown bus company Fung Wah that was shut down by federal regulators from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in early 2013 due to failure to comply with investigators and refusing to release safety records after failing bus inspections.

Although a favorite with the budget-conscious traveling between Boston and New York, the bus line was well-known for its notorious reputation for poor maintenance to its crazy passengers that were loud and reeked of body odor and the smell of fast food brought along for the ride.

Can also be used to describe something generally lame or ghetto.
I live in the fung wah of apartments.

That's so fung wah.

Carnival is the fung wah of cruise ships.
by snapdog April 09, 2013
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A transportation device utilized as a cheap method to transport three crazies from PIHBoston to NYC.
Those three crazies took teh Fung Wah from PIHboston to NYC. It will never be the same again.
by dlb July 19, 2005
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